Oracle - Course Details

OraBI11g:SSM-SSC Oracle BI 11g: Scorecarding and Strategy Management - Self-Study Course

Oracle Course Description:
This course introduces you to KPI and scorecarding concepts, followed by detailed information on how to create both KPIs and scorecards employed in the development of a strategy management plan.
Oracle Course Duration:
Self Placed
Oracle Course Target Audience:
Business Analysts,Business Intelligence Developer,Developer,End Users,Functional Implementer
Oracle Course Prerequisite:
Oracle BI 11g: Introduction to End User Tools,Oracle BI 11g R1: Create Analyses and Dashboards
Course Content:
  • Introducing Oracle Scorecard

    • Examining Oracle’s Business Intelligence Strategy
    • Defining KPIs
    • Defining Scorecarding
    • Describing the Relationship Between KPIs and Strategy Management

  • Measuring Results with Key Performance Indicators

    • KPI Concepts and Terminology
    • Creating KPIs
    • Exploring KPI Watchlists
    • Creating a Stand-alone KPI Watchlist
    • Explaining the KPI Relationship with Scorecarding

  • Developing a Strategy Management Plan

    • Describing Oracle Scorecard
    • Creating a Scorecard
    • Creating KPIs and a Watchlist Within Scorecard
    • Creating a Perspective
    • Creating an Initiative and Objective
    • Creating a Strategy Tree, Strategy Map, Cause Effect Map, and so on
    • Creating Agents
    • Defining Mission and Vision Statements