Oracle - Course Details

OraBI11g:UNF Oracle BI 11g: Upgrade and New Features

Oracle Course Description:
This course provides BI Developers and Architects with essential knowledge and hands-on experience with the Oracle BI Enterprise Edition 11g( Students gain a complete understanding of the new OBI EE 11g installation, architecture and system management functions. Students will complete a wide range of “hands-on” tutorials that will guide them through the many exciting new features that the product has to offer
Oracle Course Duration:
Oracle Course Target Audience:
Administrator,Architect,Business Intelligence Developer
Oracle Course Prerequisite:
Working knowledge of Oracle BI Enterprise Edition 10g
Course Content:
  • Architecture

    • High-Level 11g Architecture
    • Sizing

  • Installation

    • Running the RCU Utility
    • Running the Installer
    • File System Structure

  • System Management

    • WebLogic Console
    • Enterprise Manager
    • Enterprise Manager – Monitoring
    • Enterprise Manager – Capacity Management
    • Enterprise Manager – Diagnostics and Security
    • Enterprise Manager – Deployment
    • Oracle Process Manager and Notification server (OPMN)
    • Starting / Stopping Oracle BI System

  • Security

    • The 11g Security Model
    • Understanding Global Unique Identifiers (GUIDs)
    • Configuring Identity Providers
    • Upgrading Security

  • Upgrade Assistant

    • Running the Upgrade Assistant

  • BI Server

    • Supported Data Sources
    • Data-Model Editor
    • Admin Tool Usability
    • Time Series and XUDML
    • Hierarchies
    • Lookup Functions and Double Columns
    • Essbase
    • Oracle OLAP

  • User Interface

    • Creating New Objects in Home Page
    • Opening Existing Objects in Home page
    • Searching and Browsing the Catalog

  • Answers

    • Creating a New Analysis
    • Using Criteria Tab and Results tab
    • Understanding Table and Pivot Table Interactions
    • Understanding Charts and Views
    • Using Time Series Functions
    • Understanding Master-Detail Linking
    • Using Hierarchical Columns and Maps
    • Understanding Selections, Groups and Calculated Items

  • Interactive Dashboards

    • Viewing Dashboards and Dashboards Options
    • Creating Dashboard using Dashboard Editor
    • Creating Dashboard Prompts

  • Action Framework

    • Creating Actions
    • Configuring Action Links
    • Creating Conditions

  • BI Publisher

    • Understanding BI Publisher Components and BI Publisher 11g Integration
    • Creating Data Models
    • Creating a report using Web Template Builder

  • KPI’s

    • Creating KPIs
    • Creating KPI Watchlists

  • Balanced Scorecards

    • Enabling Scorecard Features
    • Creating Scorecards using Balanced Scorecard Editor
    • Defining an Objective
    • Defining Initiatives
    • Understanding Other Scorecard Documents