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OraBI11gR1:CAD(TD) Oracle BI 11g R1: Create Analyses and Dashboards (Training On Demand)

Oracle Course Description:
This course provides step-by-step instructions for creating analyses and dashboards, which compose business intelligence applications. You'll learn how to administer the Oracle BI Presentation Catalog and build a simple Oracle BI dashboard starting with basic analyses, then adding more complexity as the course progresses.
Oracle Course Duration:
Oracle Course Target Audience:
Application Developers,Business Analysts,Business Intelligence Developer,Developer,End Users,Functional Implementer,Technical Administrator,Technical Consultant
Oracle Course Prerequisite:
Course Content:
  • Introduction to Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition

    • Introduction to Oracle BI
    • Architecture overview

  • Working with Oracle Business Intelligence Analyses

    • Introduction to Oracle BI Analysis Editor
    • Oracle BI column types
    • Working with analyses in Oracle BI
    • Using advanced formatting

  • Administering the Presentation Catalog

    • Maintaining the Oracle BI Presentation Catalog in the Catalog page
    • Oracle BI and catalog security overview
    • Managing security using roles
    • Understanding security inheritance
    • Setting object permissions
    • Setting system privileges
    • Archiving catalog items

  • Limiting and Grouping Data in Analyses

    • Introduction to filters and selections
    • Creating, editing, and grouping filters
    • Adding prompts to analyses
    • Dynamic filtering
    • Using saved analyses as filters
    • Creating groups
    • Creating calculated items
    • Creating selection steps

  • Oracle Business Intelligence Analyses: Advanced Features

    • Setting analysis properties
    • Combining analysis criteria by using set operations
    • Executing direct database analyses
    • Editing logical SQL generated by an analysis
    • Creating a link to a saved analysis
    • Creating an Excel Web Query file

  • Working with Views and Graphs in Analyses

    • Introduction to views, graphs, and editors
    • Working with views in Compound Layouts
    • Creating and editing graphs
    • Linking master-detail views
    • Performing common view tasks

  • Visualizing Data: Gauges, Maps, and Mobile

    • Introduction to Gauge views
    • Working with Gauge views
    • Introduction to Map views and their components
    • Creating and editing Map views
    • Introduction to Oracle Business Intelligence Mobile
    • Working with and searching content in BI Mobile

  • Measuring Results with Key Performance Indicators

    • Introduction to KPIs
    • Creating KPIs, setting trending, dimensionality, and thresholds
    • Introduction to KPI Watchlists
    • Creating a KPI Watchlist
    • Changing Dimensionality for a KPI Watchlist event

  • Showing Results With Pivot Tables

    • Introduction to pivot tables
    • Creating, arranging, and formatting a pivot table
    • Using hierarchical columns
    • Sorting in pivot tables
    • Setting aggregation and using totals
    • Showing an item's relative value
    • Building calculations and displaying running sums

  • Creating Oracle Business Intelligence Dashboards

    • Introduction to dashboards and dashboard pages
    • Creating and editing dashboards
    • Using the Dashboard Builder
    • Exploring dashboard oject properies and options
    • Publishing dashboard pages
    • Creating personal customizations and using other page options

  • Configuring Oracle Business Intelligence Dashboards

    • Types of dashboard content
    • Embedding content in dashboards

  • Creating Dashboard Prompts and Variables

    • Overview of variables
    • Introduction to dashboard prompts and prompt types
    • Adding a named dashboard prompt to a dashboard
    • Adding a hidden named dashboard prompt to a dashboard
    • Creating additional prompt page and setting page preferences
    • Variables and prompts
    • Adding variable prompts to a dashboard
    • Wiring dashboard prompts

  • Using Oracle Business Intelligence Delivers

    • Introduction to Oracle BI Delivers
    • Configuring delivery devices and adding delivery profiles
    • Introduction to alerts
    • Adding an Alert Section to a dashboard
    • Overview of Agents
    • Configuring an Agent
    • Using Analysis and KPI conditions to deliver content with Agents
    • Subscribing to an Agent

  • Integrating Analyses with MS Office

    • Introduction to Oracle BI Office Add-in
    • Working with Oracle BI content in Microsoft Office applications

  • Working with Oracle Business Intelligence Briefing Books

    • Introduction to Oracle BI Briefing Books
    • Adding content to Briefing Books
    • Editing Briefing Books
    • Downloading and viewing Briefing Books
    • Adding a list of Briefing Books to a dashboard
    • Using Briefing Books with Oracle BI Delivers