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OraBIP10gR3:F Oracle BI Publisher 10g R3: Fundamentals

Oracle Course Description:
This Oracle BI Publisher 10g R3: Fundamentals training helps you gain expertise with Oracle BI Publisher 10g ( This course teaches you to install BI Publisher Desktop,an MS-Word add-in to create report templates.
Oracle Course Duration:
Oracle Course Target Audience:
Business Analysts,Business Intelligence Developer,End Users,Functional Implementer,Reports Developer,Technical Consultant
Oracle Course Prerequisite:
Course Content:
  • Introduction to BI Publisher

    • Oracle BI Publisher: Business Document Requirements
    • Functions of Reporting Systems
    • Oracle BI Publisher Paradigm
    • End-to-End View and Salient Features of BI Publisher

  • Oracle BI Publisher: Technology and Architecture

    • Describe the components of Oracle BI Publisher
    • Describe the architecture of Oracle BI Publisher
    • Describe the Oracle BI Publisher Underlying Technology

  • Introduction to XML Standards

    • Describe Extensible Markup Language (XML), Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL), and other X Standards objects
    • List the components of an XML document
    • Create a well-formed XML document
    • Describe XML namespaces, document type definition (DTD), XML Schema, and XML Path Language (Xpath)
    • Describe XSL and XSL Transformations (XSLT)

  • Getting Started with BI Publisher: Creating a Simple Report

    • Describe the sample schemas used in course practices (HR,OE, and SH)
    • Set up a database connection in BI Publisher
    • Opening and viewing a Predefined Report
    • Create a BI Publisher Report Based on Oracle Database
    • Edit the Properties of a Report
    • Upload an existing template for the report and view data
    • Export or download a BI Publisher report

  • Creating Simple RTF Templates

    • Describe the functions and features of BI Publisher Desktop
    • Describe how to install BI Publisher Desktop
    • Create RTF templates for a sample report
    • Create and publish RTF templates for BI Publisher reports
    • Create RTF templates by using the basic, form field methods
    • Insert tables, forms, and charts in RTF templates
    • Preview results

  • Advanced RTF Template Techniques

    • Use native MS Word features to format RTF templates
    • Use other advanced features

  • Creating Parameters, List of Values (LOVs), and Hyperlinks

    • Create a report with parameters and a list of values
    • Create a report with a hyperlink to another report

  • Working with PDF and eText Templates

    • The Basics of PDF Templates
    • The advanced capabilities of PDF templates
    • The basics of eText templates

  • Using Oracle BI Publisher Enterprise Administration

    • Describe BI Publisher–supported security models
    • Configure the data sources, users, roles and permissions, and delivery options
    • Perform other administrative tasks
    • Defining Report Repository

  • Scheduling Reports and Analyzing Data

    • Configure BI Publisher Scheduler
    • Schedule BI Publisher Reports
    • View the saved output and history
    • Manage scheduled reports
    • Schedule reports to be burst to: a file location, and email
    • Analyze data in reports

  • Translating Reports

    • Describe the type of translations and options for translating reports by using BI Publisher
    • Create translation files by using BI Publisher Desktop
    • Create translation files by using the BI Publisher Enterprise Server

  • Creating Reports by Defining XML Data Templates

    • Describe the BI Publisher XML data template
    • Create an XML data template
    • Associate that data template with a rich text format (RTF) template
    • View the report

  • Integration with Oracle BI Enterprise Edition

    • Create a BI Publisher report from a BI Answers request
    • Create a BI Publisher report from the BI Server
    • Create a BI Publisher report from the BI Discoverer worksheet content
    • Add BI Publisher reports to BI Interactive Dashboards

  • Creating Reports Based on Other Data Sources

    • Creating a BI Publisher Report Based on Web Services
    • Creating a BI Publisher Report Based on RSS Feeds
    • Creating a Report Based on a File