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OraD11G:IDV Oracle Database 11g: Implement Database Vault

Oracle Course Description:
Oracle Database Vault helps an organization meet their security goals. There are more and more requirements being put on systems regarding separation of duties and privacy and protection of data, including insider threats. DBAs and security administrators need to understand these requirements, and also the tools available for meeting them. This course introduces the student to the Database Vault product, including installation, configuration, and how it affects activities in the database. New security concepts are introduced, illustrated, and clearly demonstrated by relevant practices.
Oracle Course Duration:
Oracle Course Target Audience:
Database Administrators,Functional Implementer,Security Administrators,Security Compliance Auditors,Security Compliance Professionals,Technical Administrator,Technical Consultant
Oracle Course Prerequisite:
Oracle Database 11g : Administration Workshop I,Oracle Database 11g: Security
Course Content:
  • Introduction

    • Need for Security Compliance
    • Compare and contrast Relevant Existing Security Features
    • Overview of Database Vault Elements and Functionality
    • Database Vault Administrator
    • Reporting and Monitoring
    • The Database Vault API

  • Installing Database Vault

    • Installation Tasks
    • Logging in the Database Vault Administrator
    • Tools and Components
    • Database Vault database accounts

  • Configuring Realms

    • Realms Concepts
    • Realm Territories
    • Realm Authorizations
    • Managing realms

  • Defining Factors

    • ·Factors Concepts
    • Factor types
    • Factor identification
    • Retrieval method
    • Validation method
    • Managing factors
    • OLS Merging algorithms

  • Defining Identities

    • Identities concepts
    • Purpose of Identities
    • Trust levels
    • Managing Identities
    • Mapping Identities
    • Labeling Identities

  • Defining Rule Sets

    • Rule Sets: Concepts
    • Purpose and benefits
    • Evaluation options
    • Audit options
    • Error handling options
    • Managing rule sets

  • Configuring Command Rules

    • Command rules : Concepts
    • Example scenarios
    • Creating and editing command rules
    • Command rules : Examples implemented

  • Configuring Secure Application Roles

    • Secure Application Roles: Concepts
    • Creating and Editing Secure Application Roles
    • Deleting Secure Application Roles
    • Examples

  • Viewing Database Vault reports

    • Account Management reports
    • Application Security reports
    • Auditing reports
    • Configuration reports
    • Accounts and Roles reports
    • System Privileges reports

  • Implementing Best Practices

    • Identifying your security requirements
    • Suggested naming conventions
    • Separation of duty best practices
    • Identifying your security requirements
    • Audit all violations
    • Connection pooling considerations
    • Performance considerations