Oracle - Course Details

OraD11g:IDVR2 Oracle Database 11g: Implement Database Vault Release 2

Oracle Course Description:
This course introduces the student to the Database Vault product, including installation, configuration, and how it affects activities in the database. New security concepts are introduced, illustrated, and clearly demonstrated by relevant practices.
Oracle Course Duration:
Oracle Course Target Audience:
Database Administrators,Security Administrators,Security Compliance Professionals,Support Engineer,Technical Consultant
Oracle Course Prerequisite:
Basic Oracle administration skills,SQL and PL/SQL skills
Course Content:
  • Introduction

  • Overview of Database Vault

    • Overview of Database Vault elements and functionality
    • Component relationships
    • Database Vault example
    • Database Vault effects
    • Database Vault Administrator (DVA)
    • Reporting and monitoring
    • Database Vault API
    • Managing Database Vault databases using Enterprise Manager

  • Configuring Database Vault

    • Enabling Oracle Database Vault
    • Configuring an Oracle database for Database Vault
    • Database parameters altered during configuration
    • Logging into DVA
    • Database roles
    • Database Vault accounts
    • Database Vault schemas

  • Configuring Realms

    • Realms: Concepts
    • Creating and editing realms
    • Deleting realms
    • The realm algorithm
    • Examples of realms
    • Delivered realms
    • Realm views
    • Monitoring and reporting of realms

  • Defining Rule Sets

    • Rule sets: Concepts
    • Creating and editing rule sets
    • Deleting rule sets
    • Reusing rules
    • Auditing rule sets
    • Custom event handlers
    • Using rule sets with realms
    • Rule set examples

  • Configuring Command Rules

    • Command Rules: Concepts
    • Creating and editing command Rules
    • Delivered command rules
    • Command rule report
    • Command rule API

  • Extending Rule Sets

    • Factors: Concepts
    • Factor scenarios
    • Creating and editing factors
    • Managing factors:
    • Identities: Concepts
    • Purpose of identities
    • Creating an identity
    • Managing identities

  • Configuring Secure Application Roles

    • Secure application roles: Concepts
    • Creating and editing secure application roles
    • Deleting secure application roles
    • Secure application roles: Examples
    • Managing secure application roles:

  • Viewing Database Vault Reports

    • Monitoring Database Vault
    • Configuration reports
    • Auditing reports
    • Security reports
    • Object privilege reports
    • Accounts and roles reports
    • Privilege summary reports
    • System privileges reports

  • Implementing Best Practices

    • Identifying your security requirements
    • Suggested naming conventions
    • Separation of duty best practices
    • Identifying your security requirements
    • Audit all violations
    • Connection pooling considerations
    • Enforcing connections from an application server
    • Performance considerations