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OraD11gR2:C-ASMSSC Oracle Database 11gR2: Clustering - ASM Self-Study Course

Oracle Course Description:
This course shows the student how to use job role separation and ACL to protect ASM files from other DBAs in a consolidated database environment using ASM. It describes the architecture of the ASM Device Manager (ADVM) and ASM Clustered File System, It presents the procedures for creating and managing ADVM volumes, ACFS files systems, and snapshots. The course covers ASM support for 4 KB sector disks and Intelligent Data Placement which allows you to specify the storage location of extents in a performance region of a physical disk. With each feature ASMCMD, ASMCA, Enterprise Manager and SQL*Plus commands are shown, demonstrating the ability to perform the full range of ASM tasks from any tool.
Oracle Course Duration:
Self Placed
Oracle Course Target Audience:
Data Warehouse Administrator,Database Administrators,Sales Consultants,Support Engineer,Technical Administrator,Technical Consultant
Oracle Course Prerequisite:
Familiarity with Oracle 11g Release 1,Some Knowledge of Oracle Clusterware,Familiarity with Automatic Storage Management
Course Content:
  • ASM and Grid Infrastructure

    • Describing ASM Grid Infrastructure
    • Implementing Job Role Separation
    • Managing ASM Access Control Lists

  • Managing ACFS and ADVM

    • Implementing ASM Cluster File System
    • Managing ASM Cluster File System
    • Using ACFS Snapshots
    • Using Available Tools to Manage ACFS

  • ASM Manageability Extensions

    • Placing OCR and Voting files in ASM Files
    • Placing the SPFILE in ASM
    • Using Intelligent Disk Placement
    • Using 4KB sector disks