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OraD12C:HANFN Oracle Database 12c: High Availability New Features NEW

Oracle Course Description:
This course introduces the Oracle Database 12c high availability new features contained in Oracle Grid Infrastructure, including Clusterware, Automatic Storage Management [ASM] and Cloud FS), Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) and Oracle Data Guard. You'll be introduced to each new feature, while learning how to install, configure, administer and use each new feature.
Oracle Course Duration:
Oracle Course Target Audience:
Administrator,Data Warehouse Administrator,Database Administrators,Sales Consultants,Support Engineer,Technical Administrator
Oracle Course Prerequisite:
Working knowledge of Oracle Database 11g: Release 2, including Clusterware, ASM and RAC
Course Content:
  • Introduction

    • Course Overview
    • Course Objectives

  • Flex Clusters

    • Flex Cluster Architecture
    • Configuring Flex Clusters
    • Installing Flex Clusters with OUI
    • Flex Clusters and Node Failure

  • Policy-Based Cluster Management

    • Policy-Based Cluster Management Overview
    • Server Categorization
    • Policy Set

  • What-If Command Evaluation

    • Overview
    • Supported Events
    • Performing What-If Command Evaluation on Application Resources with CRSCTL
    • Performing What-If Command Evaluation on Oracle Clusterware Resources with CRSCTL
    • Formatting the Output for What-If Command Evaluation on Oracle Clusterware Resources
    • Performing What-If Command Evaluation with SRVCTL
    • Evaluating Failure Consequences with SRVCTL

  • Other Clusterware New Features

    • Shared GNS Background and Architecture
    • Configuring shared GNS
    • Migrating to shared GNS
    • Moving GNS to Another Cluster
    • Cluster Health Monitor Enhancements Overview
    • Cluster Health Monitor Services
    • Grid Infrastructure Management Repository Overview
    • Managing Cluster Health Monitor

  • Flex ASM

    • Flex ASM Architecture
    • ASM Deployment Alternatives
    • Configuring Flex ASM
    • Managing Flex ASM
    • Monitoring Flex ASM Connections
    • Relocating an ASM Client

  • Other ASM New Features

    • Fast Mirror Resync Enhancements
    • Rebalance Enhancements
    • Proactively Validating Data Integrity
    • ASM-Based Password Files
    • Bulk File Ownership Changes
    • Changing ASM Privileges on Open Files
    • ASM File Access Control Available on Windows

  • Cloud FS New Features

    • Introducing Oracle Cloud File System
    • High Availability NFS: Overview
    • Cloud FS Snapshot Enhancements
    • Cloud FS Support for All Oracle Database Files
    • Cloud FS Auditing: Overview
    • Cloud FS Plug-in Infrastructure: Overview
    • Using Cloud FS Replication in Conjunction with Cloud FS Security and Encryption
    • Generic API for Cloud FS Tagging

  • Application Continuity

    • What is AC?
    • What problem does it solve?
    • Benefits of AC
    • How AC works
    • AC Architecture
    • Side Effects
    • Restrictions
    • Application requirements

  • Rapid Home Provisioning

    • Rapid Home Provisioning Overview
    • Rapid Home Provisioning Store
    • Rapid Home Provisioning Client
    • Configuring the Rapid Home Provisioning Server
    • Configuring Rapid Home Provisioning Clients

  • RAC New Features

    • RAC and Flex ASM
    • RAC and Pluggable Database
    • RAC and Policy-Based Cluster Management
    • RAC and What-If Command Evaluation
    • RAC and Application Continuity
    • RAC and Rapid Home Provisioning
    • Valid node checking for listener registration on RAC deployments
    • Oracle home user support for RAC on Windows

  • Data Guard New Features

    • Far Sync Standby and Data Guard Transport Enhancements
    • Active Data Guard Enhancements
    • Database Rolling Upgrades
    • Other Data Guard Enhancements
    • Data Guard Broker Enhancements

  • Global Data Services

    • Introduction
    • Logical components
    • Physical components
    • Global Service Overview
    • Global Service Attributes
    • Global Services and RAC
    • Global Services and Data Guard Broker
    • Global Connection Load Balancing