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OraE1111:B Oracle Essbase 11.1.1: Bootcamp

Oracle Course Description:
This Oracle Essbase 11.1.1: Bootcamp training will teach you about the principal techniques and theories for designing block storage databases. You'll learn to create a database outline, load data into the database, analyze data with Smart View and more.
Oracle Course Duration:
Oracle Course Target Audience:
Business Intelligence Developer,Database Administrators,Database Designers,Developer
Oracle Course Prerequisite:
Course Content:
  • Essbase Overview

    • Multidimensional Analysis
    • Oracle’s Enterprise Performance Management System
    • Oracle BI Suite Enterprise Edition Plus
    • Essbase
    • Production Environment Components

  • Designing Applications and Databases

    • Block Storage Implementation Process
    • Analyzing and Planning Implementations
    • Creating Applications and Databases
    • Creating Outline Structures
    • Modifying Member Properties

  • Designing Data Descriptor Dimensions

    • Data Descriptor Dimensions Overview
    • Designing Time Dimensions
    • Designing Scenario Dimensions
    • Outline Calculations
    • Designing Accounts Dimensions
    • Testing Outline Calculations

  • Optimizing Data Descriptor Dimensions

    • Creating Member Aliases
    • Dimension Types
    • Creating Period-to-Date Totals
    • Dynamic Calc Members
    • Enhancing Accounts Dimensions
    • Optimizing Data Storage

  • Planning Dimension Designs

    • Business View Dimensions Overview
    • Combining Business Views
    • Planning Dimensions with Label Outlines

  • Creating Basic Dimension Build Rules Files

    • Rules Files Overview
    • Creating Dimension Build Rules Files
    • Configuring Dimension Maintenance Settings

  • Creating Advanced Dimension Build Rules Files

    • Advanced Dimension Build Rules Files Overview
    • Creating Shared Members
    • Manipulating Fields
    • Creating User-Defined Attributes

  • Loading Data

    • Data Load Overview
    • Creating Data Load Rules Files
    • Selecting and Rejecting Records
    • Capturing New Members

  • Getting Started with Smart View

    • Smart View Overview
    • Configuring Data Sources
    • Creating Ad Hoc Reports
    • Setting the Point of View

  • Creating Reports with Smart View

    • Manipulating Multidimensional Data
    • Updating Essbase Data
    • Integrating Essbase Data with Microsoft Office
    • Customizing the User Experience

  • Data Storage and Calculation

    • Calculation Overview
    • Database Calculation Order
    • Data Block Fundamentals
    • Data Blocks and the Index System
    • Database Statistics
    • Data Block Creation
    • Database Calculation Process

  • Creating Calculation Scripts

    • Calculation Script Organization
    • Returning Correct Calculation Results
    • Troubleshooting CALC DIM Processes

  • Controlling the Calculation Process

    • Top-Down Calculation
    • Focusing Calculations with FIX Statements
    • Calculating Conditionally with IF Statements
    • Comparing FIX and IF Calculation Processes

  • Referencing Members in Calculations

    • Referencing Members Explicitly
    • Referencing Members Dynamically
    • Creating Calculation Variables

  • Analyzing Member Attributes

    • Attribute Dimensions Overview
    • Adding Attribute Dimensions to Outlines
    • Design Considerations
    • Creating Attributes with Rules Files

  • Analyzing Varying Attributes

    • Varying Attributes Overview
    • Creating Varying Attributes Overview
    • Viewing Varying Attribute Data

  • Analyzing Text and Dates

    • Typed Measures Overview
    • Enabling Typed Measures
    • Creating Typed Measures
    • Viewing Typed Measures
    • Calculations Based on Typed Measures