Oracle - Course Details

OraE1111:B-SSC Oracle Essbase 11.1.1: Bootcamp - Self-Study Course

Oracle Course Description:
In this course, you learn the principal techniques and theories for the design of block storage databases. You create a database outline, load data into the database, analyze data with Smart View. You also create calculation scripts (to calculate data for different scenarios) and perform advanced analysis on the database by implementing varying attribute dimensions and typed measures. Design discussions and hands-on activities help you practice the skills taught.
Oracle Course Duration:
Self Placed
Oracle Course Target Audience:
Business Intelligence Developer,Database Administrators,Database Designers,Developer
Oracle Course Prerequisite:
Course Content:
  • Essbase Overview

    • Multidimensional Analysis
    • Oracle’s Enterprise Performance Management System
    • Oracle BI Suite Enterprise Edition Plus
    • Essbase
    • Production Environment Components

  • Designing Applications and Databases

    • Block Storage Implementation Process
    • Analyzing and Planning Implementations
    • Creating Applications and Databases
    • Creating Outline Structures
    • Modifying Member Properties

  • Designing Data Descriptor Dimensions

    • Data Descriptor Dimensions Overview
    • Designing Time Dimensions
    • Designing Scenario Dimensions
    • Outline Calculations
    • Designing Accounts Dimensions
    • Testing Outline Calculations

  • Optimizing Data Descriptor Dimensions

    • Creating Member Aliases
    • Dimension Types
    • Creating Period-to-Date Totals
    • Dynamic Calc Members
    • Enhancing Accounts Dimensions
    • Optimizing Data Storage

  • Planning Dimension Designs

    • Business View Dimensions Overview
    • Combining Business Views
    • Planning Dimensions with Label Outlines

  • Creating Basic Dimension Build Rules Files

    • Rules Files Overview
    • Creating Dimension Build Rules Files
    • Configuring Dimension Maintenance Settings

  • Creating Advanced Dimension Build Rules Files

    • Advanced Dimension Build Rules Files Overview
    • Creating Shared Members
    • Manipulating Fields
    • Creating User-Defined Attributes

  • Loading Data

    • Data Load Overview
    • Creating Data Load Rules Files
    • Selecting and Rejecting Records
    • Capturing New Members

  • Getting Started with Smart View

    • Smart View Overview
    • Configuring Data Sources
    • Creating Ad Hoc Reports
    • Setting the Point of View

  • Creating Reports with Smart View

    • Manipulating Multidimensional Data
    • Updating Essbase Data
    • Integrating Essbase Data with Microsoft Office
    • Customizing the User Experience

  • Data Storage and Calculation

    • Calculation Overview
    • Database Calculation Order
    • Data Block Fundamentals
    • Data Blocks and the Index System
    • Database Statistics
    • Data Block Creation
    • Database Calculation Process

  • Creating Calculation Scripts

    • Calculation Script Organization
    • Returning Correct Calculation Results
    • Troubleshooting CALC DIM Processes

  • Controlling the Calculation Process

    • Top-Down Calculation
    • Focusing Calculations with FIX Statements
    • Calculating Conditionally with IF Statements
    • Comparing FIX and IF Calculation Processes

  • Referencing Members in Calculations

    • Referencing Members Explicitly
    • Referencing Members Dynamically
    • Creating Calculation Variables

  • Analyzing Member Attributes

    • Attribute Dimensions Overview
    • Adding Attribute Dimensions to Outlines
    • Design Considerations
    • Creating Attributes with Rules Files

  • Analyzing Varying Attributes

    • Varying Attributes Overview
    • Creating Varying Attributes Overview
    • Viewing Varying Attribute Data

  • Analyzing Text and Dates

    • Typed Measures Overview
    • Enabling Typed Measures
    • Creating Typed Measures
    • Viewing Typed Measures
    • Calculations Based on Typed Measures