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OraE1112:CBSD Oracle Essbase 11.1.2: Calculate Block Storage Databases

Oracle Course Description:
In this course, you learn the principal techniques and theories for the design of calculations in block storage databases with Essbase Release 11.1.2. You review database structure and configuration and learn basic calculation building blocks, such as FIX and IF statements. You learn a calculation script development methodology and how to correct common calculation errors. You learn how to effectively leverage dynamic calculations to optimize database performance, and create advanced calculation scripts, such as allocations, cross-database calculations, and multidimensional range calculations. Design discussions and hands-on practice sessions help reinforce important Essbase concepts.
Oracle Course Duration:
Oracle Course Target Audience:
Business Intelligence Developer,Data Modelers,Data Warehouse Administrator,Data Warehouse Analyst,Data Warehouse Developer,Database Administrators,Database Designers,Technical Consultant
Oracle Course Prerequisite:
Oracle Essbase 11.1.2 Bootcamp
Course Content:
  • Essbase Overview

    • Oracle’s Enterprise Performance Management System
    • Essbase
    • Block Storage Calculation Overview

  • Data Storage and Calculation

    • Data Storage and Calculation Fundamentals
    • Database Statistics
    • Data Block Creation
    • Database Calculation Process

  • Calculation Script Basics

    • Calculation Script Organization
    • Script Development Process
    • Intelligent Calculation

  • Dynamic Calculation Overview

    • About Dynamic Calculation
    • Dynamic Calculation Storage Options
    • Design Considerations for Dynamic Calculation
    • Design Considerations for Rates and Percentages

  • Controlling the Calculation Process

    • Controlling Top-Down Calculation
    • Performance Considerations
    • Creating Complex Conditionals

  • Copying and Clearing Data

    • Copying Data
    • Clearing Data with CLEARDATA
    • Clearing Data with CLEARBLOCK

  • Developing Advanced Calculations

    • Creating Calculation Variables
    • Referencing Members Dynamically

  • Developing Analytic Calculations

    • Typed Measures Overview
    • Creating Typed Measures
    • Calculating with Typed Measures

  • Multidimensional Dynamic Calculations

    • Dynamic Calculation Order
    • Optimization Guidelines

  • Normalizing Data

    • Loading Data to Upper-Level Members
    • Planning Data Normalization
    • Normalizing Rates and Drivers

  • Performing Advanced Allocations

    • Allocating Data
    • Creating Multiple-Database Calculations