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OraGI11g:AASM Oracle Grid Infrastructure 11g: Administer ASM

Oracle Course Description:
In this seminar, students will learn about Oracle Automatic Storage Manager (ASM). Students will understand how to perform an installation of the product and configuring it for utilization using best practices. Students will also understand the architecture of ASM and its role within the enterprise environment.
Oracle Course Duration:
Oracle Course Target Audience:
Database Administrators,Sales Consultants,Support Engineer,Technical Administrator,Technical Consultant
Oracle Course Prerequisite:
Course Content:
  • Introduction to Storage in Oracle Environments

    • Overview of Disk Management
    • Overview of OCFS2
    • Overview of Direct NFS
    • Overview of Exadata Server
    • Overview of ASM

  • Automatic Storage Manager (ASM) Architecture

    • ASM for Single Instance
    • ASM Cluster Configuration for Oracle RAC
    • ASM Components
    • Utilities for Working with ASM

  • Installing and Configuring ASM

    • Install ASM with Oracle Universal Installer
    • Install Patchset to ASM binaries
    • Installing and Configuring ASMLib
    • Configuring ASM with dbca

  • Administering ASM Instances

    • ASM Initialization Parameters
    • Connecting to and Authenticating to ASM Instances
    • Starting/Stopping ASM Instances
    • Querying Dynamic Performance Views

  • Administering ASM Disk Groups

    • Disk group attributes
    • Creating a new disk group
    • Disk aliases
    • Extending an existing disk group
    • Dropping disk from an existing disk group
    • Dropping a complete Disk Group
    • Mounting and Dismounting Disk groups
    • ASM Fast Mirror Resync

  • Administering ASM Files, Directories, and Templates

    • Accessing ASM files
    • ASM file names
    • Create ASM files
    • Managing ASM Directories
    • Managing Filename aliases
    • Managing Disk Group Templates

  • ASM Command-Line utility

    • Prerequisites to running ASMCMD
    • Modes of ASMCMD
    • ASMCMD command overview

  • Administering ASM with Oracle Enterprise Manager

    • ASM Homepage
    • Configuring ASM initialization parameters
    • Managing ASM users
    • Managing ASM disk groups
    • Monitoring ASM Performance
    • Migrating to ASM