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OraGI11g:ADC Oracle Grid Infrastructure 11g: Administer and Deploy Clusterware

Oracle Course Description:
In this course you gain a deep understanding of Oracle Clusterware including the software stack, process families, and file structures. You also learn how to administer Oracle Clusterware. The course teaches you how to install Oracle Clusterware on a two-node system and then extend the installation to more nodes utilizing several techniques. The course also covers how to leverage Oracle Clusteware to make applications highly available and how to perform monitoring and failover. In addition, you learn how to troubleshoot Oracle Clusterware by examining log files, enabling debugging and tracing for various utilities. Finally, you learn how to apply a patch set to Oracle Clusterware using the rolling upgrade procedure.
Oracle Course Duration:
Oracle Course Target Audience:
Administrator,Database Administrators,Support Engineer,System Administrator ,Administrator
Oracle Course Prerequisite:
Understanding of Unix or Linux operating systems,OS knowledge
Course Content:
  • Oracle Clusterware Architecture

    • What is Oracle Clusterware
    • Complete Integrated Clusterware
    • Hardware and Software Concepts
    • Protected Applications with Oracle Clusterware
    • Process Architecture
    • File System Structures

  • Oracle Clusterware Installation

    • Oracle Clusterware Version Compatibility
    • Oracle RAC 11g Installation
    • Windows and UNIX Installation Differences
    • Hardware Requirements
    • Network Requirements
    • Package Requirements

  • Administering Oracle Clusterware

    • Oracle Clusterware startup and shutdown
    • Enabling and Disabling Clusterware Daemons
    • Administering the Voting Disk file
    • Administering the Oracle Cluster Registry Disk file
    • Modifying Network Settings

  • Cloning Oracle Clusterware

    • Preparing the CRS_HOME for cloning
    • Cloning Oracle Clusterware to create a new cluster
    • Cloning to Extend and existing cluster
    • Cloning Script Variables
    • Examining log files for cloning

  • Adding and Deleting Oracle Clusterware Homes

    • Prerequisite Steps for Adding Oracle Clusterware
    • Adding Oracle Clusterware Homes Using insert active and silent mode
    • Deleting Oracle Clusterware Homes

  • Making Applications Highly Available Using Oracle Clusterware

    • Overview of Using Oracle Clusterware to Enable HA
    • Flow diagram of the HA lifecycle
    • Application Placement Policies
    • Optional Resources in Placement Decisions
    • Creating Application Profiles
    • Creating an Application VIP
    • Managing Application Resources

  • Troubleshooting Oracle Clusterware

    • Oracle Enterprise Manager monitoring capabilities
    • Checking the health of the Clusterware
    • Component Level Debugging
    • Enabling Tracing for Java Based Tools
    • Determining Software Versions and Active Versions
    • Troubleshooting the OCR file
    • Verifying Event Manager Communications

  • Patching Oracle Clusterware using Rolling Upgrade Procedure

    • Metalink for latest patch set
    • Downloading latest patch set
    • Shutting down RAC resources
    • Stopping all Oracle processes
    • Running OUI to complete patch installation for 1st node
    • Repeat process on remaining nodes