Oracle - Course Details

OraRWP(TD) Oracle Real-World Performance (Training On Demand)

Oracle Course Description:
This seminar provides a day of real-world database performance with Tom Kyte, author of the ever-popular AskTom Blog, Andrew Holdsworth, head of Oracle’s Real-World Performance Team, and Graham Wood, renowned Oracle Database performance architect.
Oracle Course Duration:
1 Day Training
Oracle Course Target Audience:
Application Developers,Data Warehouse Administrator,Data Warehouse Analyst,Data Warehouse Developer,Database Administrators,Database Designers,Technical Consultant
Oracle Course Prerequisite:
Experience in basic database design and administration
Course Content:
Investigating Performance Problems
  • Data Warehouses and Common Mythology
  • Is Data Loading the Problem?
  • Data Warehouse Death Spiral
  • Indexes and Common Mythology
Data Warehousing
  • The Retail Demonstration
  • Data Loading Challenges
  • Gathering Statistics
  • SQL Monitor Report
  • Incremental Statistics and the Synopses Concept
  • Resource Management
OLTP and Performance Strategies
  • Running Queries
  • Concurrent Query Testing
  • Core Principles and Connection Strategy
  • Sessions and Cursors, SQL Injection
  • Evolution of Performance on Oracle Exadata Systems