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OraSA Oracle Spatial: Advanced

Oracle Course Description:
In this course, students learn to use Oracle Spatial GeoRaster, Oracle Spatial’s open solution for storing digital imagery and grid data in the database. Students use an open source GeoRaster loader, GDAL, and Oracle's Java GeoRaster loader to load raster images and learn about the Map Builder and MapViewer support for GeoRaster. Also, students learn how Oracle Spatial topology data model stores topology information in the database and how the Oracle Spatial network data model stores network information in the database for graph analysis. Students also learn about Spatial Analysis and Mining and the Oracle Workspace Manager.
Oracle Course Duration:
Oracle Course Target Audience:
Application Developers,Developer,Functional Implementer,Technical Consultant
Oracle Course Prerequisite:
Basic experience with the Oracle Spatial fundamentals
Course Content:
    • des, Edges, and Faces
    • Creating a Topology Using SDO_TOPO.CREATE_TOPOLOGY
    • Loading Topology Primitives
    • Adding Topology Primitives to NODE$, EDGE$, and FACE$ Tables

  • Using the Oracle Spatial Topology Data Model

    • Defining Spatial Features
    • Creating a Feature Layer
    • Registering a Feature Layer with a Topology
    • Mapping Between Features and Topology
    • Describing Topology Editing

  • Creating Features, Performing Spatial Queries, and Cross Schema Topology Access

    • Understanding Hierarchical Feature Model Concepts
    • Registering a Hierarchical Feature Layer with a Topology
    • Using SDO_TOPO_MAP.CREATE_FEATURE Signature to Build Hierarchical Features
    • Explaining Topology Data Model Spatial Queries
    • Sharing a Topology Between Oracle Users
    • Sharing Feature Layers Between Oracle Users

  • Oracle Spatial Network Data Model

    • What Is the Oracle Spatial Network Data Model
    • Explaining the Oracle Spatial Network Data Model Load on Demand (LOD): Oracle 11g and Later
    • Two-Tier and Three-Tier Architecture for Oracle Spatial Network Data Model
    • Explaining Network Node Table, Link Table, Path Tables, and Subpath Tables with Examples
    • Explaining Network Partition Table for Load on Demand
    • Explaining Network Partitioning Best Practices and the Network BLOB Table
    • Identifying Different Types of Analyses Performed in the Oracle Spatial Network Data Model
    • Computing Multiple Costs During Network Analysis

  • Spatial Analysis and Mining

    • Explaining Spatial Analysis and Mining
    • Explaining Spatial Binning
    • Explaining Clustering Analysis

  • Overview of Oracle Workspace Manager

    • Explaining Workspace Manager and its benefits
    • Understanding Workspace Manager Architecture
    • Performing Workspace Manager Operations
    • Using the Workspace Manager API
    • Resolving Workspace Conflicts
    • Listing the Release 11.1 Enhancements