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OraSOAS10gR3:A Oracle SOA Suite 10g R3: Administration

Oracle Course Description:
In this course, participants who are familiar with general Application Server Administration tasks learn administration of SOA Suite specific components. Participants learn how to administer and monitor Oracle BPEL Process Manager, Oracle ESB, Oracle Web Services Manager (OWSM) components of Oracle SOA Suite in Oracle Application Server 10g R3. The participants also learn the concepts of clustering Oracle Application Server 10g R3 instances and how to configure and manage BPEL, ESB, and OWSM clusters
Oracle Course Duration:
Oracle Course Target Audience:
Administrator,Sales Consultants,Security Administrators,Support Engineer,Technical Administrator
Oracle Course Prerequisite:
Course Content:
  • Getting Started with Oracle Application Server

    • Oracle Application Server 10g R3 ( product components and architecture
    • Identify the different Oracle Application Server 10g R3 Topologies
    • Oracle Application Server 10g Release 3 ( Installation Types
    • Installing SOA Components

  • Introducing Service-Oriented Architecture and Oracle SOA Suite 10g

    • What is Service-Oriented Architecture?
    • Phases of SOA Applications
    • Identifying Standards that Enable SOA
    • Introducing Oracle SOA Suite 10g
    • Describing Oracle ESB Architecture
    • Oracle BPEL Process Manager Architecture
    • Oracle Web Services Manager Architecture
    • Introducing the Adapter Framework

  • Administering and Monitoring Oracle BPEL

    • Accessing Oracle BPEL Control
    • Compiling and Deploying a BPEL Process
    • Managing BPEL Processes
    • Testing BPEL Processes
    • Viewing Oracle BPEL Process Reports
    • Identifying BPEL Process Management API
    • Managing BPEL Dehydration Store
    • Configuring and Viewing BPEL Process Logs

  • Administering and Monitoring Oracle ESB

    • Providing an overview of Creating, Configuring, and Managing Oracle Enterprise Service Bus
    • Introducing Oracle Enterprise Service Bus Control
    • Managing Oracle ESB Systems and Service Groups
    • Creating or Modifying Routing Rules
    • Defining and Managing Tracking Fields
    • Using Import and Export Utilities in ESB
    • Managing Errors in ESB

  • Administering Oracle WSM

    • Discussing Oracle WSM Component Architecture
    • Configuring a Gateway
    • Managing Policy in Oracle WSM
    • Configuring a Server Agent
    • Configuring a Client Agent
    • Using Oracle WSM Client and Server Agents to Enforce Security Policies

  • Monitoring Oracle WSM

    • Introducing Oracle WSM Monitoring and Auditing
    • Monitoring System Performance
    • Managing the Operational Environment
    • Viewing the Message Logs
    • Creating an Alarm Rule
    • Viewing Alarms by Using the Oracle WSM Control

  • High Availability Solutions for Oracle SOA Suite

    • Introducing high availability for Oracle SOA Suite
    • Implementing high availability for Oracle BPEL Process Manager
    • Implementing high availability for Oracle ESB
    • Configuring Oracle WSM in a clustered environment

  • Troubleshooting Oracle Application Server

    • Troubleshooting BPEL
    • Troubleshooting ESB
    • Troubleshooting OWSM