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OraSOAS11g:BPELCOSSC Oracle SOA Suite 11g: BPEL Component Overview Self-Study Course

Oracle Course Description:
This course introduces, and provides an insight into creating an SOA composite application by using the BPEL Process service component. Oracle BPEL provides enterprises with an industry standard for business process orchestration and execution. Using BPEL, you design a business process that integrates a series of discrete services into an end-to-end process flow.
Oracle Course Duration:
Self Placed
Oracle Course Target Audience:
Application Developers,Business Analysts,Developer,Functional Implementer,SOA Architect,Technical Consultant
Oracle Course Prerequisite:
Knowledge of Oracle SOA Suite 11g,Knowledge of Web service and Web service standards,Knowledge of XML, XML Schema, XSLT, XPath
Course Content:
  • BPEL New Features in SOA Suite 11g

    • Identify new features in BPEL for Oracle SOA Suite 11g
    • Identify changes and enhancement to BPEL in Oracle SOA Suite 11g as compared to Oracle SOA Suite 10g

  • Creating a Simple BPEL Component

    • Create a BPEL component in the Composite Editor
    • Explain the BPEL process template types
    • Implement a simple BPEL process component
    • Structure a BPEL Process with scope activities
    • Explain BPEL global and local variables
    • Copy XML data with Assign and Transform activities
    • Create copy operations in an Assign activity
    • Create and configure a Transform activity

  • Orchestrating Services

    • Describe conditions for business process orchestration
    • Provide and access services from BPEL
    • Create and configure a Partner Link
    • Invoke a service synchronously and asynchronously
    • Perform conditional branching by using a Switch activity
    • Add and configure cases for conditional branching

  • Implementing Coordination and Exception Handling

    • Implement parallel processing by using a Flow activity
    • Add and configure Flow activity branches
    • Implement nonblocking invocation with a Flow activity
    • Create parallel branches dynamically with a FlowN activity
    • Implement Pick activity with an Alarm and Timeout condition
    • Execute activities repetitively with a While activity
    • Describe basic exception handling in BPEL

  • Managing Transactions

    • Describe Transactions with Services
    • Explain Transactional implications of Services
    • Describe a Service Data Object (SDO) and entity variables
    • Manage Transactions with SDOs
    • Explain compensation handling within a BPEL process