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OraWLS12c:AIIN Oracle WebLogic Server 12c: Administration II New

Oracle Course Description:
This course is a continuation of the Oracle WebLogic Server 12c: Administration I course. It trains you how to perform important WebLogic Server administrative tasks, employing best practices that allow you to make the most of your WebLogic applications.
Oracle Course Duration:
Oracle Course Target Audience:
Administrator Java EE Developer Security Administrators System Administrator,Technical Administrator,Technical Consultant,Web Administrator
Oracle Course Prerequisite:
Some system administration experience,Some experience using basic Linux commands
Course Content:
  • WebLogic Server Review

    • WebLogic Server: Overview
    • WebLogic Server Domain
    • Administration Server and Managed Servers
    • Machines, Node Manager, and Clusters
    • Start Scripts
    • WebLogic Tools: Administration Console and WLST
    • Deployment

  • Upgrading WebLogic Server

    • Upgrade definition
    • Rolling Upgrade
    • Rolling Upgrade Process

  • Creating and Using Domain Templates

    • Domain Template Review
    • Domain Template Concepts
    • Extension Template Concepts
    • Custom Templates

  • WebLogic Server Startup and Crash Recovery

    • Node Manager Review
    • Configure Node Manager to Start on System Boot
    • Server Automatic Crash Recovery Restart

  • WebLogic Scripting Tool (WLST)

    • Jython Concepts
    • WLST Concepts
    • Java Management eXtension (JMX) Concepts
    • Common WLST Tasks
    • Fusion Middleware (FMW) Commands

  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

    • SSL Concepts
    • WebLogic SSL Scenarios
    • Keystores
    • Configuring WebLogic SSL

  • Application Staging and Deployment Plans

    • Java EE Applications Review
    • Server Staging Modes
    • Deploying an Application to Multiple Environments
    • Java EE Deployment Descriptors and Annotations
    • Deployment Plans
    • Deployment Plan Tools

  • Shared Java EE Libraries

    • Shared Java EE Library Concepts
    • Deploying a Shared Library

  • Production Redeployment

    • HTTP Sessions and Redeployment
    • Redeployment Strategies
    • Production Redeployment
    • Application Versioning
    • Requirements and Restrictions

  • Application Work Managers

    • Default WebLogic Request Handling
    • Work Manager Concepts
    • Creating a Work Manager

  • Managing Data Sources

    • JDBC Review
    • Managing Data Sources
    • GridLink Data Source Review
    • Multi Data Sources
    • Connection Testing Review
    • Creating a Multi Data Source

  • Working with the Security Realm

    • Security Review
    • The Embedded LDAP Authentication and Authorization System
    • Configure Auditing

  • High Availability, Migration, and Disaster Recovery

    • Disaster Recovery
    • Backup the Administration Server
    • Service-Level Migration
    • Automatic JTA Service Migration
    • Whole Server Migration Overview

  • Diagnostic Framework

    • General Architecture
    • Diagnostic Images
    • Harvesters
    • Watches and Notifications

  • Coherence

    • Coherence Overview
    • Coherence*Web Session Persistence
    • Managed Coherence Servers