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OraWLS12c:AIN Oracle WebLogic Server 12c: Administration I New

Oracle Course Description:
This course trains administrators to install and configure Oracle WebLogic Server 12c and gives administrators an overview of the basic concepts and architecture of WebLogic Server
Oracle Course Duration:
Oracle Course Target Audience:
Java EE Developer,System Administrator,Technical Administrator
Oracle Course Prerequisite:
Some system administration experience,Some experience using basic Linux commands
Course Content:
  • WebLogic Server Overview

    • Defining WebLogic Server Terms
    • Listing WebLogic Server Tools
    • Describing Basic WebLogic Server Architecture

  • Installing and Patching WebLogic Server

    • Determining Supported Configurations
    • Installing WebLogic Server 12c
    • Applying a Patch to WebLogic Server

  • Creating Domains

    • Describing a Domain Configuration
    • Creating a Domain with the Configuration Wizard
    • Configuring Domain Resources While Creating a Domain
    • Moving a Domain to Another Computer

  • Starting Servers

    • Starting and Stopping Server with Standard Scripts
    • Dealing with Startup Problems
    • Customizing Standard Start Scripts

  • The Administration Console

    • Accessing the Administration Console
    • Creating and Configuring Servers by using the Admin Console

  • Configuring JDBC

    • Configuring JDBC Generic Data Sources
    • Configuring GridLink Data Sources
    • Performing Basic Data Source Connection Pool Tuning

  • Monitoring a Domain

    • Configuring and Accessing Server Logs
    • Enabling Debugging Output
    • Monitoring Server Health and Performance
    • Monitoring JDBC Data Sources
    • Viewing Diagnostic Charts by using the Monitoring Dashboard

  • Node Manager

    • Describing the WebLogic Server Node Manager Utility
    • Configuring WebLogic Server Machines
    • Setting Up and Configuring Node Manager
    • Starting WebLogic Server through Node Manager

  • Deploying Applications

    • Deploying Applications to WebLogic Server
    • Testing Deployed Applications
    • Monitoring Deployed Applications
    • Stress Testing WebLogic Server

  • Clusters

    • Planning for a WebLogic Server Cluster
    • Creating and Configuring a WebLogic Server Cluster
    • Creating and Configuring a WebLogic Server Dynamic Cluster
    • Configuring Oracle HTTP Server as a WebLogic Server Cluster Proxy
    • Debugging Cluster Errors

  • Transactions

    • Describing the WebLogic Server Transaction Architecture
    • Configuring a Database as the Persistent Store for WebLogic Server Transactions

  • WebLogic Server Security

    • Describing the WebLogic Server Security Architecture
    • Configuring an External LDAP Product as the WebLogic Server Authentication Provider

  • Backing Up and Restoring a Domain

    • Backing Up a WebLogic Server Domain
    • Restoring a WebLogic Server Domain