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OraWLS12c:JMSAN Oracle WebLogic Server 12c: JMS Administration New

Oracle Course Description:
The Java Message Service (JMS) enables loosely-coupled, reliable, asynchronous communication between Java applications. WebLogic Server includes an enterprise-grade JMS implementation based on an administrative framework that's both powerful and flexible. WebLogic Server: JMS Administration shows you how to configure, manage, and monitor WebLogic JMS resources according to proven best practices.
Oracle Course Duration:
Oracle Course Target Audience:
Developer,Support Engineer,System Administrator,Technical Consultant
Oracle Course Prerequisite:
Course Content:
  • Java Messaging Concepts

    • Messaging Terminology
    • Point-to-Point Model
    • Publish-Subscribe Model
    • JMS Providers
    • JMS Destinations
    • Acknowledgements
    • Message Driven EJBs

  • Basic Configuration

    • JMS Server Targeting
    • JMS Server Best Practices
    • System Module Targeting
    • Connection Factory Delivery Settings
    • Subdeployment Best Practices
    • Configuring Destination Delivery Overrides
    • Configuring an Error Destination
    • Quota Best Practices

  • Message Monitoring and Management

    • Monitoring a JMS Server
    • JMS and the Monitoring Dashboard
    • Monitoring MDBs
    • Querying Messages
    • Creating a Test Message
    • Moving Messages
    • Pausing and Resuming JMS Operations

  • Persistence, Transactions, and Durability

    • Producer Delivery Mode
    • Persistent Store Options
    • Monitoring JMS Transactions
    • Durable Subscriber Example
    • Shared Subscriptions
    • Monitoring and Managing Durable Subscribers

  • Distributed Destinations

    • JMS Scalability Challenges
    • JMS Clustering Options
    • Targeting JMS to a Cluster
    • Distributed Destination Connectivity
    • Distributed Queue Architecture
    • Partitioned Distributed Topic Architecture
    • Replicated Distributed Topic Architecture
    • MDBs and Distributed Destinations

  • Server Migration

    • JMS High Availability Challenges
    • Prerequisites for Server Migration
    • Node Manager Migration Settings
    • Cluster Leasing Service
    • Configuring Candidate Machines
    • Enabling Automatic Migration
    • Machine Failback
    • Manual Server Migration

  • Service Migration

    • Prerequisites for Service Migration
    • JTA Migration Architecture
    • JMS Migration Architecture
    • Targeting JMS to Support Migration
    • Migration Policy Options
    • Configuring a Migratable Target
    • Migrate Services Manually

  • Performance Tuning

    • JMS Programming Considerations
    • Tuning Server Heap
    • Tuning Message Paging
    • Tuning Persistent Stores
    • Flow Control Logic
    • Tuning Flow Control
    • Tuning Message Compression
    • Tuning the Consumer Message Pipeline

  • Troubleshooting

    • JMS Troubleshooting Tools
    • JMS Logging
    • JMS Headers and Properties
    • JMS and MDB Debug Flags
    • JMS and Diagnostic Images
    • Common Configuration Problems
    • Common Runtime Problems