SAP - Course Details

PIP(SAP220-E) Plan to Inventory Processes (SAP220-E)

SAP Course Description:
Make informed business decisions that are founded on a conceptual understanding of SAP’s Production Planning (PP) and Advanced Planner & Optimizer (APO) business solutions Bring your SAP PP/APO product knowledge to a baseline level that will enable you to participate effectively in more detailed courses.
SAP Course Duration:
Self Placed
SAP Course Target Audience:
Project team,End users,SAP consultants,Super users (particularly who need to learn another business process outside their specialty),IT business analysts
SAP Course Prerequisite:
SAP e-Learning Advisor,Solutions Powered by SAP,SAP Basic Navigation Features,Basic knowledge of planning and manufacturing functions and terms,Working knowledge of Microsoft office and internet browsers
Course Content:
  • Overview of plan to inventory

  • Forecasting and demand planning

  • Rough-cut planning

  • Detailed material planning

  • Production scheduling

  • Production order execution