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R12.xOraPMF R12.x Oracle Payables Management Fundamentals

Oracle Course Description:
In this course, participants learn how to set up and use Oracle Payables to manage the accounts payable process. They learn how to create and manage suppliers and supplier bank accounts, process individual and recurring invoices, match invoices to purchase orders or receipts, use multiple distribution methods, and process various types of payments. Other topics included in the course cover how Payables integrates with other Oracle Applications, how to import invoices or employee expense reports, and how to use invoice approval.
Oracle Course Duration:
Oracle Course Target Audience:
End Users,Functional Implementer,Project Manager
Oracle Course Prerequisite:
Course Content:
  • Procure to Pay Overview

    • Describing the Procure to Pay Process Flow
    • Describing how the Procure to Pay Process Fits Across the eBusiness Suite Applications

  • Payables Overview

    • Overview of Payables Processes
    • Understanding Supplier Entry
    • Understanding Invoice Entry
    • Understanding Payments
    • Analyzing Payables Integration Points
    • Using Payables Open Interfaces to Import Data

  • Suppliers

    • Understanding the Procure to Pay Lifecycle
    • Defining Supplier and Supplier Sites
    • Identifying the Key Reports
    • Understanding Setup Options
    • Analyzing Implementation Considerations

  • Invoices

    • Importing and Entering Invoices and Invoice Distributions
    • Matching Invoices to Purchase Orders
    • Validating Invoices
    • Applying and Releasing Holds
    • Understanding the Invoice Approval Workflow
    • Generating Key Reports
    • Analyzing Setup Options
    • Analyzing Implementation Considerations

  • Payments

    • Describing the Payments Process
    • Setting Up Banks and Bank Accounts
    • Entering Single Payments
    • Processing Multiple Payments
    • Understanding how to Review Payments
    • Understanding how to Adjust Payments
    • Analyze Setting up and Creating Bills Payable
    • Creating, Applying, and Releasing Holds on Prepayments

  • Expense Reports and Credit Cards

    • Describing the Expense Reports Process
    • Understanding how to Enter Expense Report Templates
    • Entering Expense Reports
    • Understanding how to Apply Advances
    • Identifying the Key Expense Reports
    • Understanding how to Set Up Credit Card Programs

  • Period Close

    • Describing the Period Closing Process in Payables
    • Describing the Period Closing Process in Purchasing
    • Reconciling Payables Transactions for the Period
    • Identifying Key Programs and Reports
    • Understanding Setup Options
    • Understanding Implementation Considerations

  • 1099 Reporting

    • Describing How to Enable 1099 Suppliers
    • Entering Invoices for 1099 Suppliers
    • Updating the 1099 Information
    • Understanding the 1099 Setup Options
    • Understanding Implementation Considerations

  • Transaction Taxes in Payables

    • Describing how Transaction Taxes are Calculated
    • Inserting Manual Tax Lines
    • Updating Transaction Tax Lines
    • Viewing Tax Summary and Details
    • Identifying Key Reports
    • Understanding Setup Options

  • Withholding Tax

    • Identifying the Withholding Tax Process
    • Using Withholding Tax Options
    • Processing Manual Withholding Tax Invoices
    • Creating Withholding Tax Invoices
    • Processing Automatic Withholding Tax Invoices
    • Analyzing Standard Key Reports

  • Advances and Progressive Contract Financing

    • Understanding the Purpose of Complex Service Contracts
    • Identifying Advances, Contract Financing, and Progress Payment Invoices
    • Calculating Retainage
    • Recouping Prepaid Amounts for Complex Service Contract