SAP - Course Details

RSAP-EESOOWCS RunSAP - End-to-End Solution Operations Overview with Case Study

SAP Course Description:
Understand the Run SAP-Methodology and SAP Operational Standards (End- to-end Standards) Identification of relevant topics for the customer situation Recognize areas of improvement for customer support organizations Identification of customer limitations and challenges: Up-skilling and partner involvement Enabling: What is and how to define a Run SAP project plan
SAP Course Duration:
SAP Course Target Audience:
Customer IT Management,Hosting/AMS Partner Management,Implementation Project Managers
SAP Course Prerequisite:
SAP Appl.user interface experience (e.g. SAP GUI, SAP NW Portal),Familiarity with SAP Implementation Roadmaps,Fundamentals of SAP Systems and SAP application management
Course Content:
  • Run SAP Overview 
       -Goals of Run SAP 
       -SAP Organizational Model 
       -Run SAP Methodology 
       -Run SAP Roadmap

  • SAP Operational Standards (E2E Standards) 
       -SAP Support Standards in Detail 
       -Details – Incident Management 
       -Details – Root Cause Analysis (RCA) 
       -Details – Change Control Management (CCM) 
       -Details – Business Process Operations (BPO) 
       -Details – Technical Operations (TO)

  • Planning 
       -RunSAP Adoption and Planning 
       -Case study: Who to plan and implement a Run SAP project