SAP - Course Details

SAPBODQS40(BODS30) SAP BusinessObjects Data Quality Services 4.0 (BODS30)

SAP Course Description:
Participants will gain the knowledge to create efficient data quality projects as part of an overall data integration process The knowledge you will acquire will help you to cleanse address and company data and match and cleanse data records
SAP Course Duration:
SAP Course Target Audience:
Project team members with basic knowledge of Data Warehousing and data integration concepts,Data Warehousing consultants and project managers who work with data quality projects
SAP Course Prerequisite:
Basic knowledge of data warehousing and ETL (Extraction, Transfer and Loading) concepts,Basic knowledge of SQL language,Basic knowledge of elementary procedural programming
Course Content:
  • Describing Data Quality Services

  • Using data quality transforms

  • Using address cleanse transforms

  • Using data cleanse transforms

  • Matching and consolidating data