SAP - Course Details

SAPBW73SAPHANA10(BW6 SAP BW 7.3 on SAP HANA 1.0 (BW362r-E)

SAP Course Description:
This course enables you to implement SAP BW on SAP HANA and outlines advantages of the new "In-Memory" Solution with SAP BW. It explains HANA specific or optimized elements and aspects of SAP BW. With introducing a new Layered Scalable Architecture (LSA++).you will familiarize with a HANA optimized data modeling approach on SAP BW.
SAP Course Duration:
Self Placed
SAP Course Target Audience:
Consultants and customer project team members that are implementing SAP BW on SAP HANA
SAP Course Prerequisite:
Good knowledge of data modeling with SAP BW 7.3,BW310,BW330,DBW73
Course Content: