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SAPDS:DIT(BODS20) SAP Data Services: Data Integrator Transforms (BODS20)

SAP Course Description:
This one day course is designed to cover Changed Data Capture, Performance Optimisation techniques and integration scenarios using specific Data Integrator Transforms. It is essential that delegates must have attended the BODS10 course which covers SAP Data Services fundamentals.
SAP Course Duration:
SAP Course Target Audience:
This one day course is designed for individuals responsible for implementing, administering and managing data integration projects
SAP Course Prerequisite:
BODS10 (SAP Data Services: Fundamentals),or good knowledge of the fundamentals of Data Services
Course Content:
  • Capturing Changes in Data 
       -Describe the options for updating changes to data 
       -Explain the purpose of Changed Data Capture(CDC) 
       -Explain the roles of surrogate keys in managing changes to data 
       -Use and define the differences between source-based and target- based CDC

  • Using Data Integrator Transforms 
       -Describe the Data Integrator transforms 
       -Use the Pivot transform 
       -Use the Hierarchy Flattening transform 
       -Describe performance optimization 
       -Use the Data Transfer transform 
       -Use the XML Pipeline transform