SAP - Course Details

SAPESOA-RM(SOA110) SAP Enterprise SOA - Roadmap & Methodology (SOA110)

SAP Course Description:
Understand the concept of enterprise SOA Learn about the architecture and its benefits Understand SAP’s product strategy Execute SAP’s enterprise SOA methodology to evaluate and identify enterprise SOA opportunities within an organization Evaluate business processes Develop an business driven enterprise SOA Roadmap Learn about the techniques to identify and implement services within SAP NetWeaver
SAP Course Duration:
SAP Course Target Audience:
Enterprise Architects,Business Consultants,Solution Architects,Business Manager,IT Manager
SAP Course Prerequisite:
SOA100 SAP Enterprise SOA - Fundamentals,or Fundamental understanding of SAP enterprise SOA
Course Content:
  • Enterprise SOA Fundamentals

  • Core and Context model

  • SAP’s product strategy

  • SAP’s enterprise SOA conceptional consulting portfolio embedded in Adoption Program

  • Enterprise SOA Roadmap Methodology 
       -Pulse Check – short assessment 
       -Identification of relevant processes 
       -Target landscape including service identification 
       -Drawing a Roadmap to the target landscape 
       -Giving recommendations

  • Practical Examples