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SD3 SAP SD Returns and Complaints (User)

SAP Course Description:
In this SD course you will learn how to handle claims, based on you receiving a claims complaint from a customer and the customer sending the damaged item back. The claims process focuses here on dealing with credit notes. During the returned goods procedure the goods are returned and undergo a quality evaluation. The goods are thereafter returned to either the accessible stock or the blocked stock. The course covers the following stages: Creation, delivery and invoicing of sales orders for which a claim will later be made; a claims procedure which is started when a customer rings and complains about a damaged item as well as the returns procedure where the customer's item is received, handled and where a credit note is written out. COURSE GOALS: Introduction to SAP SD Returns & Complaints process
SAP Course Duration:
1 Day Training.
SAP Course Target Audience:
SAP SD users
SAP Course Prerequisite:
Course Content:
  • Create Sales Order (VA01)

  • Create Delivery (VL01N)

  • Create Billing - Sales Order (VF01)

  • View Accounting Document - Sales Order (VF02)

  • Create Quality Notification (QM01)

  • Check Mail Inbox (SBWP)

  • Create Credit Memo (VA01)

  • Release Credit Memo for Billing (V23)

  • Create Billing - Credit Memo (VF01)

  • View Accounting Document - Credit Memo (VF02)

  • Create Return (VA01)

  • Display Batch for Return (VA03)

  • Create Returns Delivery (VL01N)

  • Display Stock (MMBE + RWBE)

  • Quality Inspections for Deliveries (QA32)

  • Create Usage Decision (QA32)

  • Book Returns to Relevant Stock (MB1B)

  • Display Stock (MMBE + RWBE)

  • Release Returns for Billing (V23)

  • Issue Credit Memo (VF01)