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SD6 SAP SD Cross Company Sales Order Processing (User)

SAP Course Description:
In this course you will learn how to deal with sales between company codes. A customer orders goods from the supplier's sales organization. The supplier has a production plant/stock warehouse which belongs to another company code. The goods are produced/stored here and they are delivered directly to the customer from the production plant/ warehouse. The delivery is invoiced twice, the first time to create an invoice for the customer and the second time to carry out inter-company billing. The course covers the following stages: creation of orders, delivery to and billing of the customer and thereafter internal billing between company codes. Finally, a manual payment is created where a manual bank statement is posted, and the open entry in the accounts receivable item is balanced. COURSE GOALS: Introduction to SAP SD Cross Company Code Sales Process
SAP Course Duration:
1 Day Training.
SAP Course Target Audience:
SAP SD users
SAP Course Prerequisite:
Course Content:
  • Create Sales Order (VA01)

  • Create Delivery (VL01N)

  • Display Document Flow (VL02N)

  • Create Billing Document (VF01)

  • Display Billing Document (VF03)

  • Print Invoice (VF02)

  • Create Internal Invoice (VF04)

  • Display Intercompany Billing Document (VF03)

  • Preview Internal Invoice (VF02)

  • Print Internal Invoice (VF02)

  • Display Accounting Document (FB03)

  • Payment From Customer - Manual Entry (FF67)

  • Postprocessing Manual Account Statement (FEBA)

  • Intercompany Payment - Manual Entry (FF67)

  • Postprocessing Manual Account Statement (FEBA)

  • Display Document Flow (VF02)