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SJSDSEE6:MO Sun Java[tm] System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6: Maintenance and Operations

Oracle Course Description:
The Sun Java[tm] System Directory Server Enterprise Edition (DSEE) 6: Maintenance and Operations course teaches you how to perform routine maintenance, control access, monitor and tune servers. Participating in hands-on labs will help you become familiar with the tools included with DSEE 6.
Oracle Course Duration:
Oracle Course Target Audience:
Oracle Course Prerequisite:
Perform basic UNIX(R) commands,Perform basic UNIX(R) system administration tasks,Describe Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP),Describe basic Directory Services concepts
Course Content:
  • Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition (DSEE) 6.x

    • Describe the directory information tree (DIT)
    • Describe the DSEE installation directory
    • Describe the Directory Service Control Center (DSCC)
    • Describe DS and DSCC commands
    • Describe the LDAP Data Interchange Format (LDIF)

  • Searching and Modifying Directory Content

    • Use the ldapsearch utility to search a directory
    • Use the ldapmodify utility to change directory content

  • Using Directory Server Log Files

    • Describe Directory Server log files
    • Describe LDAP result codes
    • Analyze Access Logs
    • Configure Logging Options

  • Access Control

    • Describe Directory Server security methods
    • Describe authentication
    • Describe attribute encryption
    • Describe access control
    • List the default access control instructions (ACIs) provided with Directory Server
    • Describe special user access control
    • View access permissions on directory entries

  • Enforcing Password Policies

    • Describe password policies
    • Define a server-wide password policy
    • Define multiple password policies
    • Activate and deactivate accounts

  • Directory Server Security

    • Describe the benefits of using TLS/SSL
    • Describe the steps to create and install self-signed and Certificate Authority-issued Certificates
    • Enable TLS/SSL on the Directory Server using a Self-Signed certificate
    • Configure command line tools to use TLS/SSL

  • Backing Up and Restoring Directory Server Databases

    • Describe Directory Server databases, database files, and backup and recovery utilities
    • Back up Directory Server databases
    • Restore Directory Server databases
    • Export a directory database to LDIF
    • Import a directory database from LDIF

  • Replicating Directory Server Data

    • Describe replication concepts
    • Describe basic replication topologies
    • Configure consumer and supplier servers
    • Monitor replication status
    • Diagnose and resolve multimaster replication issues
    • Describe configuration and schema replication
    • Describe ACI and password policy issues

  • Tuning Directory Server Performance

    • Tune the operating system for optimal Directory Server performance
    • Tune read performance by managing indexes, configuring the nsslapd-allidsthreshold setting, configuring cache sizes, and configuring search limit settings
    • Analyze indexes, index filters
    • Identify system monitoring tools

  • Configuring High Availability and Load Balancing

    • Describe Directory Proxy concepts
    • Describe Directory Proxy Server features
    • Describe Data Sources, Data Source Pools and Data Views

  • Configure Virtualization

    • Describe Virtual Data Transformations
    • Configure LDIF Data Views
    • Configure Join Data Views
    • Configure JDBC Data Views

  • Migrating to Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.x

    • Describe the migration process from Directory Server 5.1 or 5.2 to Directory Server 6.3
    • Identify some migration considerations