SAP - Course Details

TAF(TEC001) Technical Architecture Fundamentals (TEC001)

SAP Course Description:
Introduction to the Business Process Management (BPM) methodology Introduction to the Enterprise Architecture Framework (EAF) : -Overview of TOGAF and SAP EAF -Architecture Process -Architecture Phases -TOGAF and SAP EAF in SAP-specific engagements Introduction to the technical foundation and methodologies for the Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA): -Understand the concept of SAP Enterprise SOA -Understand the platform for service provisioning and consumption -Leverage SAP delivered content in Enterprise Services Repository -Understand Design and Development Governance needs of Enterprise Services -Describe the basics of integration technologies and implementation requirements -Develop composite applications on the SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment 7.1 -Modeling of user centric processes, consuming of services and custom business logic -Understand security threats, security safeguards and security policies
SAP Course Duration:
SAP Course Target Audience:
Enterprise Architects,Solution Architects,IT Architects,Technology Architects,Technical Consultants
SAP Course Prerequisite:
SAPNW SAP NetWeaver Overview or,BIT100 SAP NetWeaver Integration Technology - Overview,SAPTEC SAP NetWeaver Application Server Fundamentals,Fundamental understanding of basic business processes,Fundamental understanding of software development
Course Content:
  • BPM Methodology 
       -Phase 1: Calibration 
       -Phase 2: As-Is Analysis 
       -Phase 3: To-Be Process Design 
       -Phase 4: Solution Transformation

  • Enterprise Architecture 
       -Preliminary Phase 
       -Vision Phase 
       -Business Architecture Phase 
       -Information System (Application) Architecture Phase 
       -Information System (Data) Architecture Phase 
       -Technology Architecture Phase 
       -Opportunities & Solutions and Migration Planning 
       -Implementation Governance and Architecture Change Management 
       -TOGAF™ and SAP EAF for Specific Engagements

  • SOA Fundamentals

  • Enterprise Service Definition and Implementation

  • SAP Process Integration 
       -Integration Technologies and Interfaces 
       -Basic Elements of SAP NetWeaver PI 
       -SAP NetWeaver PI Connectivity 
       -Business Process Management in SAP NetWeaver PI

  • Service Consumption 
       -SOA Development Methodology 
       -SOA Infrastructure 
       -Development Tools 
       -Visual Composer 
       -Guided Procedures and Business Process Management (BPM) 
       -Interactive Forms by Adobe 
       -Operating the Composition Environment

  • Security in SAP Environment