Virtualization - Course Details

VE Virtualization Essentials

Virtualization Course Description:
In this course, you will address the business perspective, technical organization, operation, and governance of virtualization. You will cover concepts that will help you successfully complete the associated exam to become a Virtualization Essentials Professional (VEP). This course complements the Cloud Essentials course, which can be completed before or after you've taken this course.
Virtualization Course Duration:
Virtualization Course Target Audience:
IT management, support staff, and consultants,Business managers and analysts,Small and midsized business owners,Specialists (IT, security, infrastructure, services, systems, and test) Business process owners,IT developers,Service providers,System integrators,Architects
Virtualization Course Prerequisite:
Experience in the IT domain
Course Content:

  • 1.Virtualization

    • Definitions and Concepts
    • Virtualization in Context
    • Virtualization in Readiness
    • Virtualization Landscape

  • 2.Business Perspectives

    • Business Value
    • Inhibitors and Challenges

  • 3.Virtual Data Center: Server Virtualization

    • Server Virtualization
    • Types of Server  Virtualization
    • Leading Platforms
    • Unique Features

  • 4.The Virtual Data Center: Storage, Networks, and Applications

    • Virtualization and Storage
    • Virtualization and the Network
    • Systems Management
    • Opportunities for Application Developers

  • 5.Workplace Virtualization Technologies

    • Workplace Virtualization
    • Challenges and Solutions

  • 6.Adopting Virtualization

    • Roadmaps
    • Service Introduction
    • Migration Technologies

  • 7.Operating Virtualization

    • Impact on Service Management Processes
    • Virtualization and Service Management

  • 8.Governing Virtualization

    • Risk Management
    • Financial Management
    • Sharing Policy and IT Management