Oracle - Course Details

Y-EP2012-USRR12 Year-End Payroll 2012 - US Rel R12

Oracle Course Description:
The class demonstrates how to run each of the payroll year-end processes. After learning how to run the diagnostic and balancing reports, you will find out how to run the Year-End Pre-process so that you can create the year end archive on which your subsequent reporting is based. The class then outlines how to record W-2 information so that you can create the required set of US year-end reports for both employees and government agencies.
Oracle Course Duration:
Oracle Course Target Audience:
End Users,Support Engineer
Oracle Course Prerequisite:
Working experience with Oracle Payroll (US),Understand processes involved in setting up Oracle Payroll,Thorough knowledge of navigation in Oracle Applications
Course Content:
  • Introduction to Oracle Payroll Year End

    • Year End Overview and Resources Available
    • Year End Planning
    • Year End 2012 Changes
    • Year End/Year Begin Patches
    • W-2 Rules

  • Pre-archival Reporting in Oracle Payroll

    • Pre-archival Diagnostic Reports
    • Pre-archival Balancing Reports
    • Pre-archival Reconciliation Reports
    • Periodic Diagnostic Reports
    • Periodic Balancing Reports
    • Discoverer Workbooks

  • Balance Adjustments in Oracle Payroll

    • Understanding Balances
    • Initializing Balances versus Adjusting Balances
    • Balance Reporting Architecture
    • Fundamentals of Balance Adjustments
    • Taxability Rules
    • Comparing Balance Adjustment Methods
    • State Level Balances
    • Geographical Codes (GEO)

  • Identifying Employee W-2 Information

    • W-2 Boxes
    • Considerations About Fringe Benefits
    • Employee Life Insurance Plan - Imputed Income
    • Dependent Life Insurance Plan - Imputed Income
    • Third-Party Sick Pay
    • Considerations About Moving Expenses

  • Year End Pre-processing

    • Running the Year End Pre-process
    • Managing Multiple GREs
    • Changes Required Resulting from Balance Adjustments
    • Mark for Retry
    • Rollback
    • Year End Employer Data Re-Archive

  • Year End Post-archival Reporting

    • Year End Pre-Process Flow
    • Post-archival Audit Flow
    • Post-archival Diagnostic Reports
    • Year End Archive Reconciliation Report
    • Post-archival Balancing Reports
    • Post-archival Control Reports
    • W-2 Register
    • Discoverer Workbooks

  • W-2 Reports and Magnetic Media

    • W-2 Reports Best Practices
    • System Setup
    • W-2 Reporting
    • Online W-2
    • Federal, State, and Local W-2 Magnetic Media
    • Rollback and Retry of Magnetic Media Processes
    • W-2C Processing

  • Start of Year Preparation

    • Legislated Limits and Global Values
    • IRS Plans - Jan. 1 Limits
    • SUI Rates
    • PTO - Flexible Setup
    • Employee Tax Forms
    • Year Begin Process
    • Vertex Tax Updates
    • Payroll Procedures

  • Appendix A – Checklist for Year End Processes

    • Checklist for Year End Processes

  • Appendix B - Agent 2678 Filing

    • Agent 2678 Filing

  • Appendix C - 1099-R Reporting

    • Setting up 1099-R Rules
    • 1099-R Rules and Processes for GREs
    • 1099-R Reporting Constraints
    • 1099-R PDF Reporting
    • Federal 1099-R Magnetic Report
    • 1099-R Output File Names
    • Rollback and Retry of Magnetic Media Processes

  • Appendix D - Printing the Employee W-2 PDF

    • Printing the Employee W-2 PDF

  • Appendix E – Year-End Payroll Report Samples

    • Year-End Payroll Report Samples