InfoStar International

is a New York based corporation with branches located in Washington DC and Los Angeles, CA. We are a leading provider of enterprise systems consulting services that link enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer resource management (CRM) applications through the Internet.
At InfoStar International, our core philosophy is to become a global player in the field of eBusiness, ERP and CRM in a cost-effective manner. We plan to accomplish this by offering a variety of enterprise application services including installation, configuration, implementation, customization and management. Our team has the expertise to offer guidance for all of the vital applications that affect your company on a daily basis, including Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Systems Management, and Enterprise Performance Management. In addition, we have a deep understanding of many industry segments including Health Care, Education and Government, Finance, Biomedical/Medical, Utilities and the Public Sector.

Our Mission and Value

Strive to become a global player in the field of E-Commerce, ERP and CRM. Our philosophy is to develop a close win-win alliance, involving active partnering and strategic joint venture relationships with a combination of Fortune 500 companies and select high growth companies. We plan to achieve these objectives in a cost-controlled environment. We intend to leverage technology, facilitating us to provide better service at a competitive price. We recognize the need to continue to attract and nurture high caliber individuals with long term commitments aligned with our goals.
We have partnered with Top Software Companies:
  • To provide each client with the optimum solution.
  • To attract only the very best technologists who will facilitate the transfer of knowledge unique to each solution.
  • To be the leading provider of comprehensive information technology solutions encompassing consulting, integration and support services.
Our success is measured by the exceptional value we create for our clients. We constantly strive to create value in all our endeavors through tangible results.
Welcome to InfoStarCorp International…..Welcome to an intelligent future!