IT Staffing Services

InfoStar provides the best resources and skills you need on an on-demand basis. Our Successful Placement Process means you get carefully screened people with the skills and personality to fit right in and hit the ground running. InfoStar provides all types of ERP training at corporate, classroom,online, and one-on-one.
Technology is wonderful, but it still takes people to design, oversee, set up, run, and support its InfoStar provides the best resources and skills you need on an on-demand basis. More and more companies are in need of people with specialized technical skills to get the job done. InfoStar, provides highly skilled technical professionals with the right skills so you can get on with business.
Whether you need additional support for a week or for a year, we understand you need more than someone who simply has the technical ability to get the job done. You expect someone you can count on to take your business as seriously as you do. We call our specialized consultants and contract employees technical professionals because it highlights their expertise. Need to hire full-time employees? We can help you do that, too.

InfoStar offers the market's finest IT and communications talent specializing in:

Application Staffing Services
  • We supply the skilled applications professionals you need for all phases of the software development life cycle.
Infrastructure Staffing Services
  • Whether you need assistance maintaining or supporting your network, need help with hardware installations, or simply need temporary help desk support, our contract employees are highly skilled in all areas of IT infrastructure.
Communications Staffing Services
  • Our employees are experienced and specialized in all facets of communications technology, including wireless, landline, broadband cable technology, and enterprise support.

By using on-demand technology execution available through InfoStar Staffing Services, you can meet peak demands without the costs of additional full-time employees. Get the skills you need and save money.
Successful IT Staffing and Communications Staffing Placements
Our placements succeed time and again because we pair technical professionals' personalities, and abilities with your specific needs.
In fact, we have one of the industry's highest rehire ratios,with the majority of our technical professionals being rehired on another InfoStar assignment.
We achieve this level of success through:
  • Better screening, testing, and placement of technical professionals through our Placement Process.
  • Better recruiting
  • In-depth, industry-specific knowledge, and expertise
  • Strong ongoing relationships with our clients, as well as our technical professionals
  • Better post-placement follow up and support that allows for on-the-job feedback and adjustments, as well as re-hiring of outstanding technical professionals.
IT Staffing Services for Your Industry
We can successfully match work and industry experience with job requests because we specialize in core markets and industries.
Our four main market specializations are:
  • Communications
  • Financial Services
  • Government
  • Information Technology
InfoStar has been serving the following markets over a decade:
  • Automotive
  • Chemical
  • Construction
  • Consulting/Business Services
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Healthcare/Medical
  • Hospitality/Travel
  • Insurance
  • Legal
  • Manufacturing
  • Media/Entertainment
  • Pharmaceuticals/Biotechnology
  • Retail
  • Transportation/Distribution
  • Utilities