WorkDay Consulting Services

InfoStar's Workday Consulting Services

In a global economy that's increasingly services based and people focused, talent management has rapidly become a business critical function, and Finance is increasingly about measuring the cost and return on work, rather than managing tangible assets. And it’s not just the functions that are changing; the managers and employees who interact with HR and Finance are now looking for access to real-time insight and transactional data, regardless of where they are.

Now is the time to change the way you deploy your technology solution to meet these new demands of both HR and Finance. A Workday deployment can meet the ever-changing needs of today's businesses by taking full advantage of the flexibility of software in the cloud. Workday's innovative, global HCM and Finance applications are integrated to measure the cost of work, available "on-demand," and have been designed for today's mobile, global, and diverse workforce.

Your business is moving faster than ever. Agility and insight are critical to the success of every function. Yet most companies are burdened with HR and Finance systems that are brittle, hard-to-use and out of step with what HR and Finance teams need to execute their strategies.

We help your organization with both the deployment of your Workday solution as well as with your upfront strategy, business case, and readiness planning in preparation for a successful Workday deployment. Our methodology is based upon a holistic approach that drives end-to-end integration across processes, systems, data, and user experience ensuring Workday becomes a true business solution, not just an HR or Finance system.

InfoStar's Workday offerings:

  • Define Your Workday Deployment Strategy
  • Change the Way Your People Work
  • Successfully Migrate to Workday
  • Extend Workday to Meet Your Needs
  • Thrive After Go-Live
  • Provide WorkDay resources

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