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11iBMEF 11i Bills of Material and Engineering Fundamentals

Oracle Course Description:
In this course, students will learn how to use Oracle Bills of Material to define different types of bills of material to accommodate various business models and scenarios. Students will also learn how to use Oracle Engineering to create and implement engineering change orders. Students will learn how to set up, implement, and use bill of material and engineering information. Students will practice creating bills of material, routings, and engineering change orders. They will also learn how to copy and transfer engineering information to manufacturing. Upon completion of this course, students will be prepared to use Oracle Bills of Material and Oracle Engineering.
Oracle Course Duration:
Oracle Course Target Audience:
Functional Implementer
Oracle Course Prerequisite:
Ability to Navigate Oracle Applications
Course Content:
  • Defining Items

    • Creating Items
    • Using Item Templates
    • Entering and Revising Item Attributes
    • Creating Item Catalog Groups

  • Setting up Bills of Material and Routings

    • Setting Up Workday Calendars
    • Setting Up Item, Bill of Material, and Routing Information

  • Creating Bills of Material

    • Defining Standard Bills of Material
    • Creating Alternate Bills of Material
    • Understanding Model/Unit Effectively

  • Creating Customized Bills of Material

    • Creating Planning, Model, and Option Class Bills of Material
    • Using Configure to Order Features
    • Creating Product Families

  • Maintaining Bills of Material

    • Revising Bills of Material
    • Comparing Bills of Material
    • Using Common Bills of Material
    • Performing Mass Changes

  • Creating Routings

    • Defining Routings
    • Calculating Lead Times

  • Maintaining Routings

    • Revising Routings
    • Creating Standard Operations

  • Common Bills of Material and Routing Functionality

    • Copying Bills of Material and Routings
    • Referencing Common Bills and Routings
    • Deleting Information
    • Importing Bills and Routings

  • Setting Up Oracle Engineering

    • Defining ECO Types
    • Defining ECO Auto numbering
    • Defining ECO Approval Lists
    • Defining ECO Priorities

  • Creating Engineering Change Orders

    • Defining Engineering Change Orders
    • Understanding the Engineering Change Order Lifecycle

  • Maintaining Engineering Change Orders

    • Implementing Engineering Change Orders
    • Running Engineering Change Order Reports

  • Transferring and Copying Engineering Items, Bills, and Routings

    • Transferring Engineering Information to Manufacturing
    • Copying Engineering Information to Manufacturing

  • Bills of Material and Engineering Profile Values and Security Functions

    • Setting Up Bills of Material Profile Values
    • Setting Up Bills of Material Security Functions
    • Setting Up Engineering Profile Values
    • Setting Up Engineering Security Functions