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AIOSCEEM Advanced IOS Customization using EEM

Network Training Course Description:
Advanced IOS Customization using Cisco Embedded Event Manager (ACEEM) is a one-day instructor-led training with hands-on labs that will provide the learner with an in-depth look at the IOS Embedded Event Manager. This course, created by Progrizon, Inc. and delivered by ANI, provides an understanding of the Embedded Event Manager architecture and focuses on the interaction of the various components that determine overall IOS device operation. Additional course topics include: defining EEM actions in response to specific system events, using EEM CLI based policies (Applets), creating Tcl scripts to unleash the full power of IOS devices, extending and modifying the default behavior of IOS features, and customizing the IOS user interface. In-class activities include configuration Exercises and Case Studies that demonstrate the real-world usage of these features.
Network Training Course Duration:
Network Training Course Target Audience:
This course is intended for System Administrators, Network Operators and IT Staff responsible for designing and building sophisticated IOS solutions in enterprise networks. Customer Support Engineers and System Engineers in charge of addressing complex customer issues and requirements will benefit greatly from this training course.
Network Training Course Prerequisite:
Cisco IOS Automation and Customization (CIOSC) – ILT course, 2 days,Attendance, based upon self-assessment, of the following 'Live-On-Line' courses
Course Content:

  • Lesson 1: Cisco EEM Architecture

  • Lesson 2: CLI Policies

  • Lesson 3: Tcl Policies

  • Lesson 4: Additional Features

  • Lab Outline

    • Lab 2-1: Using EEM Applets to Enforce CLI Policies
    • Lab 3-1: Using Scripts to Enforce Tcl Policies
    • Lab 4-1: Invoking Multi-Event Support
    • Lab 4-2: Customizing the IOS User Interface