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DCIM Data Center Infrastructure Management

Network Training Course Description:
In this course you will get comprehensive, vendor-neutral training led by a data center expert. You will discuss the most pertinent topics in the data center industry: power, cooling, energy efficiency and the 'green' data center, management tools, and integrating IT Service Management. Using case studies and real-world examples to illustrate key points, this course provides the knowledge you need to more effectively operate your data center. You'll gain the skills to better assess data center efficiency, availability, and power and cooling issues, and you will gain substantive knowledge that you can take back to your data center to reduce costs and improve service to the IT users. Bring your data center electric bill and configuration with you, and we'll show you how much money you can save by implementing a more energy-efficient data center!
Network Training Course Duration:
Network Training Course Target Audience:
Anyone who wants to learn more about the data center infrastructure and effective, proven methods to improve energy efficiency and management of a data center,Data center facilities managers and engineers, IT managers, data center infrastructure managers and data center operations staff
Network Training Course Prerequisite:
Course Content:

  • 1. Fundamentals of Data Center Power

    • Importance of power in a data center
    • Key terms
    • Basic power concepts
    • Common power problems
    • Components of a power protection system
    • UPS technology
    • UPS batteries
    • Generators
    • Static Transfer Switches
    • PDU
    • Circuit breakers
    • Power distribution in the rack
    • Power consumption in the data center
    • Improving data center efficiency

  • 2. Fundamentals of Data Center Cooling

    • Importance of cooling in the data center
    • Science behind cooling
    • Refrigeration cycle
    • Data center cooling devices
    • Humidity in the data center
    • Factors in optimum cooling design
    • Air distribution schemes
    • CFD modeling
    • The high density cooling problem
    • Methods to improve cooling efficiency
    • Room, row, and rack-based cooling
    • Cooling wiring closets
    • High-density zones in a low-density data center
    • Raising the data center temperature
    • Free cooling using economizers

  • 3. Data Center Management and Tools

    • Data center management issues
    • Bridging the IT/Facilities gap
    • Data center management organization
    • Defining data center management
    • Data center management tools
    • Real-time monitoring tools
    • Asset management tools
    • CFD modeling tools
    • KVM tools
    • Maintenance management tools

  • 4. Implementing IT Service Management Metrics

    • What IT Service Management (ITSM) is
    • Issues with ITSM metrics
    • ITSM metrics model
    • Operational metrics
    • Key Performance Indicators
    • Tolerances
    • Critical Success Factors
    • ITSM outcomes
    • ITSM dashboards

  • 5. Energy Efficiency and Green Data Centers

    • Why we should be concerned about efficiency in the data center
    • Barriers to energy efficiency in the data center
    • Power vs. energy
    • Data center regulation
    • Data center efficiency metrics
    • Methods to improve data center efficiency
    • How much efficiency improvements can save
    • Energy efficiency assessment tools

  • 6. Practical Steps to Implement ITIL

    • Importance of ITIL
    • Four-phase approach to ITIL implementation
    • Stabilizing the environment
    • Assets and services which will return the biggest improvement in changemanagement
    • Establishing repeatable processes
    • Enable continual improvement cycle

  • 7. Data Center Physical Security

    • What physical security means for mission-critical facilities
    • Assets that require physical security protection in a data center
    • Ways to control access to facilities
    • Common physical security methods and devices
    • Tradeoffs between physical security and cost

  • 8. Data Center Availability and Preventive Maintenance

    • Key terms associated with availability
    • Difference between availability and reliability
    • Customer availability
    • Maximizing system availability
    • Data center assessments
    • Preventive maintenance in the data center