Network Training - Course Details

DCUIC80P Deploying Cisco Unified Intelligence Center 8.0 Plus

Network Training Course Description:
Deploying Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Plus (DUIC+) 8.0 is an Implementation and Administration course focusing on the CUIC reporting solution for Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE).
Network Training Course Duration:
Network Training Course Target Audience:
This course is intended for anyone who desires an understanding of the CUIC reporting solution for a Unified CCE environment.
Network Training Course Prerequisite:
Working knowledge of Unified Contact Center Enterprise is desirable,Working knowledge of Contact Center operations is desirable,Working knowledge of SQL commands is desirable, but not required.
Course Content:

  • Lesson 1: CUIC Overview

    • How CUIC fits into the UCCE environment
    • WebView vs. CUIC
    • CCE Call Flow and CUIC Data Sources overview
    • Real-Time and Historical Reporting Concepts
    • Stock vs. Custom Reports Concepts
    • CUIC Sizing Considerations
    • Member Nodes
    • Licensing and Feature Sets
    • Compatibility issues
    • Deployment Models
    • CUIC Installation Overview
    • CUIC Administrative Interface(s) Overview
    • Report Definitions and Report Overview
    • Value Lists and Collections Overview
    • User Lists, User Groups and Security Overview

  • Lesson 2: UCCE Configuration Requirements to Support CUIC

    • CCE Admin Data Server Requirements for CUIC
    • CCE Configuration to support CUIC
    • Setting up SQL Account(s) for CUIC integration
    • CVP Requirements for CUIC
    • CVP Reporting User for CUIC Integration
    • dbaccess Database tool for CVP
    • CVP VXML Server configuration for CUIC Integration
    • CVP Reporting Server configuration for CUIC
    • CVP Gateway Configuration for CUIC Reporting

  • Lesson 3: CUIC Initial Configuration for CCE (ICM) Integration

    • Initial Login as Super User
    • Applying License File
    • Configuring UCCE Real-Time Data Source
    • Configuring UCCE Historical Data Source
    • CUIC Active Directory Integration and Synchronization
    • CUIC items populated from Data Source and A/D Integration (Reports/Supervisors)
    • Observe Stock CCE Reports Populated
    • Login as Supervisor and run stock report, Dashboard

  • Lesson 4: CUIC Initial Configuration for CVP Integration

    • CVP Data Source(s) Configuration
    • Importing Reporting Template(s) for CVP
    • Observe CVP items populated in CUIC for CVP Reports
    • ICM Reporting requirements for CUIC with CVP
    • CVP Reporting Configuration via Ops Console
    • VXML Server Configuration for Reporting
    • Ingress/VXML Gateway reporting requirements

  • Lesson 5: CUIC Administration

    • CUIC OS Administration
    • Admin User Drawer
    • Device Management Drawer
    • Control Center Drawer
    • Cluster Configuration Drawer
    • Network Management Drawer
    • Tools Drawer

  • Lesson 6: Managing Users and Security in CUIC

    • Security Review
    • User List Page
    • Rights of Supervisors Imported into CUIC
    • Rights of A/D users (non-Supervisors) in CUIC
    • User Groups Page
    • User Roles and Permissions
    • Administering Custom User Groups
    • Local Users

  • Lesson 7: Running Unified Intelligence Center Reports

    • Real-time vs. Historical Reports and Data Source Review
    • Report Definitions vs. Reports
    • Running a Stock UCCE Report
    • Running an Imported Stock/Custom CVP Report
    • Copying a Stock Report and Definition for Customizing
    • A closer look at the elements of a Report Definition
    • SQL query, Anonymous Block and Stored Procedure queries
    • Report “Views” – modifying how data is displayed via Charts, Gauges and Grids
    • Formatting Reports
    • Applying Report Field Thresholds
    • Applying Default Filters and Value Lists
    • Report Drilldowns
    • Reporting Perma-Links and Pop-Outs
    • Exporting Reports
    • Scheduling Reports
    • Creating Dashboards with Reports, Widgets and Notes

  • Lesson 8: Key Concepts of Unified Intelligence Center Custom Reporting

    • Webview vs. Unified Intelligence Center implications
    • Characteristics of Unified CCE Data – know your data!
    • Understanding SQL statements in a Report
    • Reporting in a Multichannel Environment
    • Why Report Data Can Differ
    • Configuration and Scripting implications for Reporting
    • ICM and CVP Database Schema Help
    • Importing Custom reports from

  • Lesson 9: Creating A New Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Report

    • Create a new Data Source for RCD/TCD lookup
    • Create a new Report Definition for RCD/TCD
    • Modify fields in Report Definition to allow Drilldowns to Call Type and Routing Client reports
    • Create Custom RCD/TCD report
    • Modify report View to allow Thresholds
    • Run report and show effectiveness in a Support/Troubleshooting environment