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GSEL2 Getting Started with Endeca Latitude 2

Oracle Course Description:
Throughout the class you will learn about the core concepts specific to the Latitude product line. You will spend time getting introduced to Latitude becoming acquainted with the Latitude Data Integrator which configures your data and Latitude Studio that drives your application's user experience and encourages successful end-user discovery. You will become familiar with the Latitude sample business application assets and work with its data to build out your own Latitude analysis application.
Oracle Course Duration:
Oracle Course Target Audience:
Application Developers,Business Analysts,Technical Consultant
Oracle Course Prerequisite:
Windows OS experience,Familiarity with search and navigation concepts
Course Content:
  • Latitude 2 Core Concepts

    • Introduction to Latitude
    • Data Ingest
    • Capabilities Overview
    • Latitude Studio Overview
    • Data Exploration in a Latitude Application

  • Basic Data Design

    • Project Basics with Latitude
    • Working with Latitude Studio
    • Data Modeling and Joining Data

  • Search and Navigation Configuration Enhancements

    • Introduction to Search
    • Enhancing Navigation

  • Advanced Topics

    • Data Ingest and Modeling Overview
    • Integrating with Other ETL Tooling
    • Security
    • Text Enrichment in Latitude
    • Latitude 2 Deployment Features
    • Next Steps for Enablement

  • Analytics

    • Introduction to Endeca Analytics
    • Analytics Workshop