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HIR1111BU-SSC Hyperion Interactive Reporting 11.1.1 for Business Users - Self-Study Course

Oracle Course Description:
This course teaches you how to manipulate and create Interactive Reporting content in Workspace. You learn how to analyze report data, create queries and reports, import Interactive Reporting content into the repository, and run Interactive Reporting jobs in Workspace.
Oracle Course Duration:
Self Placed
Oracle Course Target Audience:
Report Developers
Oracle Course Prerequisite:
Course Content:
  • Getting Started

    • Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management Reporting and Analysis 11.1.1 Overview
    • Navigating Workspace
    • Performing Common Tasks with Interactive Reporting Documents

  • Organizing Your Workspace

    • Organizing Content in Folders
    • Organizing Favorites
    • Subscribing to Content
    • Customizing Personal Pages

  • Analyzing Report Data

    • Repositioning Report Data
    • Sorting Report Data
    • Viewing More Detail
    • Focusing Your Analysis

  • Importing Content

    • Importing Generic Documents and URLs
    • Managing Versions of Items

  • Analyzing Data in Pivot and Chart Reports

    • Analyzing Data in Pivot Reports
    • Analyzing Data in Chart Reports

  • Creating Queries and Table Reports

    • Creating Queries
    • Creating Table Reports

  • Creating Pivot, Chart, and Band-Style Reports

    • Creating Pivot Reports
    • Creating Chart Reports
    • Creating Band-Style Reports

  • Importing Interactive Reporting Content

    • Importing Interactive Reporting Documents as Files
    • Importing Interactive Reporting Documents as Jobs
    • Running Interactive Reporting Jobs