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OraBIDP10g:AROLAPD OracleBI Discoverer Plus 10g: Analyze Relational and OLAP Data

Oracle Course Description:
This OracleBI Discoverer Plus 10g: Analyze Relational and OLAP Data training introduces you to the querying and analytical capabilities of Oracle Business Intelligence Discoverer Plus. You'll learn how to use Discoverer Plus to query, report and analyze corporate data.
Oracle Course Duration:
Oracle Course Target Audience:
Business Analysts,Business Intelligence Developer,End Users,Sales Consultants
Oracle Course Prerequisite:
Familiarity with Web browsers,Basic knowledge of SQL
Course Content:
  • Introducing OracleBI Discoverer

  • Building Ad Hoc Queries with OracleBI Discoverer Plus Relational

    • Connecting to OracleBI Discoverer Plus
    • Creating a New Workbook
    • Selecting a Report Template and the Objects to Display
    • Customizing the Worksheet Layout
    • Aggregating Results for Data Points
    • Editing the Query Output: Pivoting
    • Sorting Tables and Crosstabs
    • Formatting Data

  • Managing Queries

    • Viewing Workbook Properties
    • Sharing a Workbook
    • Duplicating a Worksheet
    • Selecting General Query Management Options
    • Selecting Default Sheet Options
    • Selecting Default Format Options
    • Selecting Default Advanced Options
    • Using the URL Parameters

  • Creating Advanced Reports Using Plus Relational

    • Creating Conditional Format
    • Creating a New Stoplight Format
    • Managing Conditional Formatting
    • Managing Conditions
    • Creating a New Condition
    • Using Calculations in a Condition
    • Creating Multiple Conditions
    • Creating a New Parameter

  • Using Advanced Calculations and Summary Functions with Discoverer Plus Relationa

    • Adding Totals and Subtotals
    • Creating Subtotals
    • Creating Percentages
    • Creating Calculations
    • Using Analytic Functions Using Calculations in Conditions
    • Passing a Parameter to a Calculation

  • Using Graphs to Present Data in Discoverer Plus Relational

    • Using the Graph Wizard to Edit Graphs
    • Tips for Using Graphs

  • Analyzing Data Using Drills in Discoverer Plus Relational

    • Types of Drilling
    • Using Filtered Drill
    • Drill to a Related Item
    • Drill to a Link

  • Scheduling and Distributing Reports Using Discoverer Plus Relational

    • Scheduling Reports
    • Scheduling a Workbook
    • Scheduling Manager
    • Sharing Scheduled Workbooks
    • Exporting Query Results
    • Printing Worksheets

  • Understanding the OLAP Data Model

    • Oracle BI Discoverer Data Model Options
    • Dimensional Data Model with Relational Data Types
    • Multidimensional Data Types and Models
    • Measure Types
    • Dimensional Views
    • Hierarchies
    • Levels and Attributes
    • Analytic Workspaces

  • Getting Started with Discoverer Plus OLAP

    • Examining the Common Schema AW Data Model : Dimensions and Measures
    • Creating a Workbook and Worksheet
    • Creating Conditions
    • Creating Saved Selections
    • Creating Calculations
    • Using Prebuilt Calculations
    • Viewing and Using the Graph

  • Building Advanced Reports Using Discoverer Plus OLAP

    • Creating Reports Based on Ranking and Exception Criteria
    • Examining a Ranking Condition
    • Static and Dynamic Condition Parameters
    • Creating a Stoplight Format
    • Creating Reports Using Time-Series Calculations
    • Creating Forecast Reports

  • Distributing Business Intelligence through Discoverer Viewer and Discoverer Portlets

    • Distributing Discoverer Plus Reports
    • Sharing Discoverer Plus OLAP Content
    • Specifying Access Rights to Shared Content
    • Opening Discoverer Plus OLAP Reports
    • Modifying the Layout and Format of Worksheet Items
    • Analyzing Data with Graphs
    • Linking and Unlinking a Worksheet Layout
    • Examining Discoverer and Oracle Application Server PortalAdding Discoverer Content to a Portal Page