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OraBIDPAROLAPDSS10g OracleBI Discoverer Plus 10g: Analyze Relational and OLAP Data Self-Study

Oracle Course Description:
Students will learn how to use Discoverer Plus to query, report, and analyze corporate data. They will learn how to use Discoverer Plus Relational to perform ad hoc analyses against relational data sources, and how to use Discoverer Plus OLAP to perform analysis on OLAP data that resides in a multidimensional data source.
Oracle Course Duration:
Self Paced
Oracle Course Target Audience:
Business Analysts,Business Intelligence Developer,End Users,Sales Consultants
Oracle Course Prerequisite:
Familiarity with Web browsers,Basic knowledge of SQL
Course Content:
Introducing OracleBI Discoverer
Getting Started with Ad Hoc Queries Using Plus Relational
Managing Relational Queries
Creating Advanced Reports Using Plus Relational
Using Advanced Calculations and Summary Functions with Plus Relational
Using Graphs to Present Data in Plus Relational
Analyzing Data Using Drills in Plus Relational
Scheduling and Distributing Reports Using Plus Relational
Describing the OLAP Data Model
Getting Started Using Discoverer Plus OLAP
Building Advanced Reports Using Discoverer Plus OLAP
Distributing Business Intelligence through Discoverer Viewer and Discoverer Portlets