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OraDIS11g Oracle Database 11g: Implement Streams Release 2

Oracle Course Description:
Implement Streams course is a hands-on introduction for Streams Administrators, DBAs and others who need to know how to share data and messages between schemas, applications, and Oracle databases which can be continents apart. This course begins with “Guided Configurations”, both in Oracle Enterprise Manager and via command line (using PL/SQL packages). The second unit addresses “Manual Configurations”, which is followed by “Customizing your Configurations” with transformations and apply handlers. The unit on “Extending Streams” includes topics such as Configuring Downstream Capture, Synchronous Captures, XStream, and extending the Streams configuration automatically, with a single MAINTAIN procedure or wizard, or by adding components individually in multiple steps. The last unit on “Managing and Monitoring Streams” includes the split-and-merge functionality, analyzing and avoiding data conflicts, comparing data, best practices and troubleshooting guidelines. The appendices can be used to address additional customer needs, such as Advanced Queueing (AQ). This course is based on Oracle Database 11g Release 2.
Learn To:

  • Setup and configure a Streams environment
  • Administer and customize a Streams environment
  • Manage data conflicts
  • Monitor and troubleshoot a Streams environment

Perform basic troubleshooting of a Streams environment
Alter the Streams environment to add, modify and drop new sites or objects
Configure conflict handling for data replication
Transform the data being replicated between two sites
Enqueue and dequeuq messages using Oracle Streams
Monitor the capture, propagation, and apply of events
Quickly and easily configure an Oracle Streams environment
Oracle Course Duration:
5 Days Training
Oracle Course Target Audience:
Database Administrators, Sales Consultants, Support Engineer, Technical Administrator, Technical Consultant
Oracle Course Prerequisite:
Course Content:
  • Configuring Simple Streams Replication

  • Customizing Streams with Rules

  • Capture Process: Concepts and Manual Configuration

  • Instantiation

  • Propagation Concepts and Manual Configuration

  • Apply Concepts and Manual Configuration

  • Transformations

  • Apply Handlers

  • Configuring Downstream Capture

  • Configuring Synchronous Capture

  • Extending the Streams Environment

  • Configuring and Using XStream

  • Splitting and Merging of Streams Destination

  • Avoiding Data Conflicts

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Comparing and Converging Data

  • Best Practices and Operations Considerations

  • Monitoring Oracle Streams

  • Troubleshooting Oracle Streams