Oracle - Course Details

OraDMOL11g Oracle Database 11g: Managing Oracle on Linux for DBAs

Oracle Course Description:
This course is designed to give the Database Administrator a firm understanding of the components required to successfully deploy an Oracle 11g database on Oracle Enterprise Linux. Students will learn how to configure and verify the Linux operating system for optimal performance with an Oracle database. Students will also learn how to tune the database to take advantage of the Linux operating system and the Enterprise level features of the OS.

The course covers administrative tasks related to the database like file system choices, kernel and memory model selection, automated startup and shutdown scripts, and customizing the database for Linux. Lectures are reinforced with hands-on practices designed to walk the student through the entire installation, tuning, configuration and troubleshooting process.

This course is based on Oracle Database 11g Release 1.

Learn To:

  • Optimize the Linux environment for Oracle Database, and vice versa
  • Use Linux tips and tricks especially important for Oracle DBAs
  • Prepare and update a Linux 64-bit system for an Oracle Database silent installation
Oracle Course Duration:
2 Days Training
Oracle Course Target Audience:
Database Administrators, Support Engineer, Technical Administrator, Technical Consultant
Oracle Course Prerequisite:
Basic knowledge of Linux or Unix operating systems. Hands-on experience administering Oracle Database 10g or 11g.
Course Content:
  • Review of Linux Basics

  • Preparing Linux for Oracle

  • Installing Oracle on Linux

  • Managing Storage on Linux

  • Using Oracle ASM on Linux

  • Automating Oracle on Linux

  • Optimizing Linux for Oracle

  • Additional Linux Tips for DBAs

  • Troubleshooting Oracle Issues on Linux