Oracle - Course Details

OraDOLAP10g Oracle Database 10g: Using OLAP

Oracle Course Description:
In Day 1 of the course you will learn Oracle’s OLAP technology, terminology, and concepts. By the end of day 1, you will have built a simple Analytic Workspace (AW) with the basic cubes and dimensionality. You will view elements of your data model using preview tools that are built into the Analytic Workspace Manager tool. You will begin to build a more sophisticated AW by the end of the day. On Day 2, you will work on more sophisticated OLAP objects and analysis. You will and add objects of more complexity to the AW. Using the BI Spreadsheet Add-In and Discoverer Plus OLAP tools, you will view and analyze the data in the AW, including calculated measures. The last lesson is intended to introduce you to more strengths of the OLAP calculation engine.
Oracle Course Duration:
2 Days Training
Oracle Course Target Audience:
Business Intelligence Developer,Technical Consultant
Oracle Course Prerequisite:
Familiarity with Microsoft Windows applications,A basic understanding of OLAP concepts,Familiarity with Web browsers,Introduction to Oracle's Business Intelligence Solution,SQL Basic Knowledge
Course Content:
Defining OLAP Concepts
  • Reviewing business requirements
  • Understanding the dimensional model
  • Historically, how has OLAP been done?
  • Handling Multidimensional Needs with Oracle OLAP 10g
Understanding Oracle’s OLAP Technology
  • Server
  • Tools for the end user
  • Tools for the administrator
Building an Analytic Workspace
  • What is an Analytic Workspace?
  • Using the AWM 10g interface
  • Creating an AW
  • Understanding Cubes
  • Creating Dimensions
  • Using templates for dimensions
  • Creating a Cube
  • Creating Measures
Applying Advanced Dimensional Design and Cube Processing Techniques
  • Adding Attributes to the dimensional model
  • Using Partitioning
  • Understanding aggregation methods
  • Examining dimensional design considerations
  • Performing ongoing maintenance: refreshing data
Creating Calculated Measures and Applying Data Refresh Options
  • Calculated measures
  • Modify calculated measures
  • Refreshing data
Using the BI Spreadsheet Add-In to Query OLAP Data in Excel
  • Installing the BI Spreadsheet Add-In tool
  • Connecting to an Oracle OLAP data source
  • Using the OLAP Query Wizard
  • Creating a ranking report
  • Using saved selections
  • Creating OLAP calculations
  • Applying Excel formatting to OLAP data
Building Analytical Reports with Discoverer Plus OLAP
  • Enabling the Discoverer Plus OLAP user
  • Creating a Connection, Workbook, and Worksheet
  • Using the OLAP Query Wizard
  • Using the Discoverer Plus Work Area
  • Understanding Query Steps
  • Applying User Attributes in Query Steps
  • Revisiting OLAP Calculations
  • Viewing and modifying the graph
Enhancing Analytic Content
  • Understanding the difference between Model and Object View
  • Using the OLAP Worksheet interface
  • Entering OLAP DML commands
  • Examining Oracle OLAP Calculation Engine Capabilities