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OraDRACA11g Oracle Database 11g: RAC Administration Release 2 NEW

Oracle Course Description:

This Oracle Database 11g: RAC Administration Release 2 NEW training explores RAC database administration in the Oracle Grid Infrastructure environment. Expert Oracle University instructors will help you develop the skills to administer cluster databases using Enterprise Manager and command-line utilities like SRVCTL, CRSCTL and SQL*Plus.

Learn To:

  • Install Oracle Clusterware and Real Application Clusters.
  • Administer a RAC Database.
  • Administer database services in an RAC environment.
  • Administer Oracle Clusterware.
  • Add/Remove a node to/from a cluster.
  • Patch Oracle Clusterware and RAC software.
  • Upgrade and path Oracle RAC databases.
  • Study the new connection architecture and how to make those connections highly available.
Oracle Course Duration:
5 Days Training
Oracle Course Target Audience:
Data Warehouse Administrator, Database Administrators, Support Engineer, Technical Administrator
Oracle Course Prerequisite:
General understanding of database administration
Course Content: