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OraDSR211g Oracle Database 11g: Security Release 2

Oracle Course Description:
In this course, you'll learn how to use Oracle Database features to meet the security, privacy and compliance requirements of their organization. The current regulatory environment of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, HIPAA, the UK Data Protection Act and others requires better security at the database level.

Learn To:

  • Implement Oracle Database security features to ensure the data is secure
  • Implement Oracle Database security features to ensure compliance with regulations

Security Features

This course discusses the following security features of the database: auditing, encryption for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS ) including encryption at the column, tablespace and file levels, Virtual Private Database, Oracle Label Security and Enterprise User Security.

Some of the Oracle Network security topics included are: securing the listener and restricting connections by IP address.
Oracle Course Duration:
5 Training Days
Oracle Course Target Audience:
Administrator, Database Administrators, Security Administrators, Support Engineer, System Analysts, Technical Administrator
Oracle Course Prerequisite:
Oracle Database 11g: Administration Workshop I, Oracle Database 11g: Administration Workshop II
Course Content:
  • Introduction to Database Security

  • Choosing Security Solutions

  • Basic Database Security

  • Auditing Database Users, Privileges, and Objects

  • Auditing DML Statements

  • Using Basic User Authentication

  • Using Strong Authentication

  • Using Enterprise User Security

  • Using Proxy Authentication

  • Using Privileges and Roles

  • Access Control

  • Implementing Virtual Private Database

  • Oracle Label Security Concepts

  • Implementing Oracle Label Security

  • Using the Data Masking Pack

  • Encryption Concepts

  • Using Application-Based Encryption

  • Applying Transparent Data Encryption

  • Applying File Encryption

  • Oracle Net Services: Security Checklists

  • Securing the Listener