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OraEMOC12cVSN Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c Virtualizing Systems NEW

Oracle Course Description:
In the Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c Virtualizing Systems course, learn how to manage Oracle VM Server for SPARC implementations by using Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center.
Oracle Course Duration:
Oracle Course Target Audience:
Support Engineer,System Administrator,Technical Administrator,Technical Consultant
Oracle Course Prerequisite:
General system administration skills related to system deployment, monitoring and software maintenance are required,General Oracle Solaris administration,General network administration
Course Content:
  • Enterprise Manager Ops Center Virtualization Overview

    • About Virtualization and Hypervisors
    • Oracle Virtualization
    • Benefits of Virtualization in Enterprise Manager Ops Center
    • Supported Virtualization Technologies in Enterprise Manager Ops Center
    • Hardware for OVMSS
    • OVMSS Architecture
    • Classroom Environment
    • Course Practices

  • Preparing the Lab Environment

    • Enterprise Manager Ops Center Installation Overview
    • Gathering Required Information
    • Performing Preinstallation Checks
    • Installing and Configuring Enterprise Manager Ops Center Software
    • Creating a Discovery Profile for ILOM Service Processors
    • Discovering and Managing Service Processors
    • Creating a New Local Software Library
    • Importing an OS ISO Image

  • Managing Storage Libraries

    • Storage Library Overview
    • Creating NAS Storage Libraries
    • Loading Images into NAS Storage Libraries
    • Creating SAN Storage Libraries
    • Adding LUNs to SAN Storage Libraries
    • Associating SAN Storage Libraries
    • Editing Library Attributes
    • Removing Storage Libraries

  • Managing OVMSS Servers

    • About Oracle VM Server for SPARC
    • OVMSS Control Domain Provisioning
    • OVMSS Server Management

  • Managing OVMSS Guests

    • OVMSS Guest Management
    • Creating Logical Domain Profiles
    • Creating OS Provisioning Profiles
    • Creating Deployment Plans
    • Verifying and Associating Storage Libraries
    • Creating and Provisioning Logical Domains
    • Managing and Monitoring Guests

  • Creating and Managing Server Pools

    • About Server Pools
    • Creating Server Pools
    • Managing Server Pools
    • Creating Guests in Server Pools
    • OVMSS Guest Management Actions

  • Migrating OVMSS Guests

    • Migrating Guests in Server Pools
    • Configuring Load Balancing for Server Pools
    • Manually Load Balancing Server Pools

  • Building the Network Infrastructure for OVMSS Clouds

    • Enterprise Manager Ops Center Clouds
    • Steps for Implementing Static Private vNets and Public vNets in Clouds
    • Plumbing Networks Manually
    • Enabling DHCP on Proxy Controllers
    • Defining Managed IP Ranges on Networks
    • Assigning Networks to Server Pools
    • Creating Network Domains
    • Associating Network Domains with Server Pools

  • Creating and Using OVMSS Clouds

    • Tasks for Cloud Administrators and Cloud Users
    • Creating Virtual Data Centers
    • Creating Accounts
    • Creating Server Templates
    • Creating Private vNets
    • Allocating Public and Private IP Addresses
    • Creating vServers